Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Importance of Learning

Hello everyone! This month, I'm taking an awesome online class by Margie Lawson called Empowering Characters' Emotions, which is being hosted by PASIC. It has been mind-blowing with all of the great information. It's also the largest and most intense class I've ever taken outside of a college environment.

As everyone posted their introductions for the class, something was brought to light for me. Not only are there unpublished authors in the class, there are New York Times Bestselling authors, too, which proves that no one is too experienced to stop learning.

Nothing is sadder than the person who thinks they have nothing to learn. Going back to the excellent ebook that I got last month 70 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes by Bob Mayer, he lists as Mistake #7 An Unwillingness to Learn and #12 Failing to Learn From the Masters, Masters meaning people who have already mastered the skills. I agree with this since one can always learn something that might fit in with their process. I've read how-to books and taken classes that I got just a few "aha" moments out of that made it worth it to invest the time and money into it. And as authors, we need to make sure that our work sparkles as much as possible to get the agent or editor or book deal of our dreams.

That being said, make sure to check out the class that you're interested in taking. Do research and see what other people have said about the class or instructor since you want to make sure to get the most best information for your money. Below I've listed a few places where you can find writing classes. RWA chapters, like PASIC (Published Author Special Interest Chapter), also tend to have writing classes that are usually open to anyone, even non-RWA members, so make sure to check out those as well.

Have you taken any great classes recently? If so, what was it and where did you take it? I'd love to hear what all of you say.

Neat websites to find affordable writing classes:

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Molly Daniels said...

The last class I took was a creative writing course several years ago. At one of the sessions about halfway through, I brought in a few pages of one of my books. We were only supposed to read the first page, and I was thrilled that when I finished reading, everyone immediately turned the page to see what would happen next! This didn't happen on some of the others' work, so I was very flattered.

Sarah Mäkelä said...

That's great, Molly! I've taken some creative writing courses in college that were great, and some that weren't. It's good that you were in one that was encouraging. Thanks for commenting! =)