Thursday, March 5, 2009

Please welcome author and publisher, Brianna Martini!

Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner Blog
By Brianna Martini
Copyright 2009

We love romance!
It is in each of us; as readers and as writers. The passion that romance provides transports us from reality and enables us to escape if only for an hour…if we are lucky, an afternoon How better to be transported than with our legs wrapped around a gorgeous sinner, only to finish, close the book and not have the guilt that rides along with the sin we so hate!

There is no shame in desire.
We all have desires ranging from being able to eat a delectable dessert, to being taken by the man of our dreams who wants to make mad passionate love. We desire larger homes, slimmer waists, ahem large boobs, more clothes, wise investments, healthy children, great sex, and consistently full bank accounts. We work to fulfill these desires hoping to enrich our lives, making them fuller, more complete. In most cases, the work is arduous and never ending and in some cases, totally unsatisfying; yet we continue to seek to fulfill our desires.

A paperback enters our lives.
The title is seductive, the book cover leaves us drooling at the faceless semi clad man and the first couple of chapters romance us. We become infatuated and fall in love. We discover that in our paperback world we always have the almost perfect heroine and the gorgeous man always falls in love with us. We become the beautiful main character. Our desires are fulfilled in our paperback world. Oh yes, yes, yes we are very satisfied. (smiling) We can re-enter our realities re-energized, refreshed!

My fingers are on the keyboard.
I find a million reasons to avoid my keyboard as I am simply “Not in the Mood.” But he is there in the back of my mind, ready to burst. The lover from years ago that I have never forgotten, the gorgeous man I stood next to in the department store, or the singer that set my heart on fire for a second at a concert with his dark soulful eyes. Traits of a collection of men in my mind are wrestling to be one in my mind. They are restless, seducing me and ready to make slow passionate love to me. They want me to massage the keys, stroke the enter button, and let the new character come. I sit at my desk. Today I look like the beautiful young woman who waited on my family and me when we went to dinner last night. I take her out of her waitress uniform and give her beautiful clothes and a life in a castle. She is a virgin. My men are full of desire desperate to come out of my head as one and share a page with her. Today I give him his bald head, the face of the man that I love, the patience of the man from the department store, the glance from the singer at the concert on stage, the body of the lifeguard at the beach I saw on vacation last summer and the passion of my former lover. They converge! sighing I have successfully escaped reality for an afternoon into my paperback world…not as a reader, but as a writer.

Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner
This is fund raising anthology for the Heart and Stroke, a wonderful and seductive series of romances offered in short stories and poetry ready to transport its readers into the most delicious and fulfilling escapes. All you need is a glass of ice wine, a box of semi sweet chocolates hummmmmmmm relax and enjoy the moment. Our group of wonderful authors has written stories that will satisfy many desires with a single paperback.

The book is published by XoXo Publishing and will be officially released on the day that website will be launched. Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner will be released in a limited edition CD, on June 13 2009, at the Toronto Small Press Book Fair which will take place at the Toronto Reference Library. The e-book format will be released worldwide on line, while the & paperback worldwide in May, and September 2009 it will be released on mobi and audio format. You may contact me at,,, Facebook: search Brianna Martini and

Our authors are:

Brianna Martini: Hate the Sin, Love the SinnerAmelie Court: Valley of Enchantment
Jacinta Bertinelli: Sweet Dreams
Alyssa Leoni and Brianna Martini: Cooking for Two
including Original Recipes
Jessica Bowering: Illegal Affairs
Caryn Cribbie: Broke Down Backroad
Angelique La Mone: Southern Night
Lady Lenore: Sinners and Saints
Rick Lam: Nathalie by the Stream
Charles Le Claire: Photography
Brianna Martini: The Nun and the Harley Bonus Story

Make sure to comment because 15 advance copies of the anthology promotional excerpts will be given away!

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Sarah Mäkelä said...

Great blog, Brianna! Your anthology looks like it's going to be a great read! I love getting caught up in books and letting reality drift away, too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Brianna, can't weait to read it!! Love ya girl!
Lisa M.

Molly Daniels said...

Nothing like losing yourself in a good book all afternoon:)

You're right; our characters are pieced together from the people we interact with, and wonder what they do, or would do, in any given situation.

Marie-Claude Bourque said...

What a great blog Brianna!
You summarize so well why we write what we write and why we read what we read. It's enjoyable, free (if you write it anyway) and hurst no-one.
Yes desire is acceptable LOL

Ana said...

Wow Brianna, wonderful blog and the Anthology Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner sounds fascinating and its for a great cause.
I love to read and I sometimes lose myself in the story and get to carried away in the fantasy.

Sarah Mäkelä said...

Please email us at to claim your advance copy promotional excerpts of the Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner anthology. =)