Friday, August 22, 2008

Gracen's Prophecies

Awesome Friday to you! I’ve got a sick child, my master bathroom is in the middle of reconstruction and my house is a disaster from the reconstruction. We could grow plants in all the dust covering my furniture. I’m ready to scream! So, I can’t say this is going to be a very long blog today. But with my wordiness, who knows. ;-)

Prophecies... They predate modern times and Biblical times. Coming from the South and being reared among devout Christians my first thoughts are Biblical. Most of us are familiar with at least the concept of Revelations and the fiery end times it prophesizes in Biblical terms. To be frank, that’s one end time scenario I do not want to live through. *shudders* Scary times.

Another prophet that comes to mind is Sylvia Browne. But is she really a prophet? She certainly has enough books out there about Angels, Heaven, Spirit Guides and a gazillion other topics. How can we be certain she speaks the truth? And truthfully, she’s damn near eclipsed Montel Williams in popularity.

Let’s consider for a moment some of the prophecies that predate Biblical times. Mayan prophecy… on December 21, 2012 (12/21/12) a new world age will rise. Some believe the Egyptian pyramid counts down to a new Golden age following a period of sorrow and obliteration. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on those prophecies. But interestingly enough on August 17-18, 1999, The Grand Cross arranged in the heavens, which is a powerful and fearsome configuration to astrologers because it involves the alignment of all the major planets (Except Pluto—but I thought my son just told me it’s a moon and not a planet as I was taught? I wish they’d get it straight—and two minor asteroids) in a fixed sign of the zodiac. Like the Mayan prophecy, The Grand Cross does not mark the end of times, but rather the crossing into a new age. All these prophecies aligning almost simultaneously can easily make one wonder if these prophecies have some substance.

I don’t have the answers. But this is interesting stuff either way. What are your thoughts? Anyone? Do you believe? Do you have your own experiences?

Have a great weekend everyone! *waves*

2 deadly screams:

Alessandra said...

Hmm, Gracen you peaked my interest esp. about the Golden Cross alignment so I decided to see if anything significant happened August 17-18, 1999 and this is what I found:

7.4 magnitude earthquake hit northwestern Turkey killing over 17,000 people and caused a 150-km-long section of the North Anatolian Fault to rupture (August 17, 1999)

Not exactly "the crossing into a new age" for the world in general but definitely a significant event for the people of Turkey. Could the planetary alignment have had an effect on Earth's gravity resulting in the quake????

Hope your house and life return to a semblance of peace soon.

Great weekend everyone!

Gracen Miller said...

Wow! Cool info, Alessandra! Well, not cool for Turkey, but WOW that it happened on the same day as The Grand Cross. If the earthquake happened because of the alignment, I don't know. I'll leave that up for the more scientific minds to decide.