Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Poetic Offering

Hi everyone! I'm really sorry, but this week is so hectic for me. As my gift, I'll offer y'all a poem instead of a blog. I know it's not as good as listening to me talk about my opinion on witchcraft and magic, but... *sigh* Maybe in the future I'll revisit the subject. =) Enjoy and let me know what you think of the poem!

Viking Maiden

The feminine voice flowed through the speakers
holding a mixture of feelings
to it. Innocence and purity poured through

like a virgin on her wedding night.
Sadness splashed from her voice
like tears falling from tender eyelashes.
Sexiness was like a caress against my eardrums.

Loneliness reached out like a hurting heart.
Her voice held a calling for more
that couldn’t be quenched. Accompanying her

was the hard, pounding beat of drums
like a heart pulsing to survive
and the ripping sound of guitars,
like nails scraping a chalkboard. The combination

seemed odd, but together they held power,
beauty, and anguish.
She lured me into her world like a siren, and told

of a foreign land, tales of love, and sea voyages
of long ago.
It took me back to the time of the Vikings,
and made me experience the Norse saga.

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