Friday, December 26, 2008

I Survived Christmas...

*Drags self into The Deadly Vixens HQ and collapses*

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Hare Krishna! Happy whatever you celebrate!

I survived Christmas! Woohoo! I’m exhausted and my house looks like the Tasmanian devil zipped through it and left total destruction in its wake. I could probably qualify for Federal Disaster Aide at this juncture.

I’ve had family here all week. They left to go home this morning and I was so excited I would have helped pack their bags and load their car. I keep thinking I should feel guilty about that, but…um…well…*big gulp*...I can’t bring myself to feel that emotion.

I’ve got my house back!! Freedom!!

*jiggy dances around the house in my panties screaming "FREEDOM!"*

*nervous gulp* Yikes, sorry...*wraps robe around half-naked self*...forgot you were there.

Just kidding, of course. I have too many rolls to be dancing half-naked in front of someone. ;-)

*collapses onto sofa and sighs in relief*

My husband bought me a Dooney & Bourke (I admit I had to go look on my purse to see how it was even spelled) giraffe purse for Christmas and I threatened to kill him. He has it on video too. *looks about nervously* While I admit I have a purse fetish, I’m not a “name-brand” girl. I have friends that are, so I’m not criticizing, it’s just not my thing and I rarely follow style or brand names. I often have been known to ask “what's that” when someone mentions a particular brand name. *shrugs* I have girlfriends that have tried their best to bring me into what they call “the know”, but have failed miserably. I'm just not interested in brand names, but rather what I like, regardless of the name. Also, I don't like paying for a brand name. So, I’m still in a mixed state of “Should I kill him for spending so much?” AND “I love it!” It has me feeling a little schizo.

But I think the best present wasn’t actually my present at all, but a gift from Santa to my sons…the Wii Fit. I played that so much yesterday, my belly is sore today from hula hooping. It was fun beating my boys at it too! My youngest couldn't even do the moves to keep thee hula hoop arounds his waist and he kept getting the "failed" sign. I laughed at him until I was crying.

*blows on nails and buffs them on pant* I’m the reigning winner right now. *laughs* It’s killing them that I’m beating them at anything. They got Rock Band too and we have sung songs and played the guitar and drums until all the dogs in the neighborhood—including my own—were howling at my piercing notes. ;-) Yeah, I can’t carry a tune, but it was fun. =-)

So, tell me, what was your favorite part about Christmas? Or your favorite gift? Or your favorite whatever?

Next, I get to survive the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans on January 2nd! What are your New Year's Eve or New Year's Day plans?

2 deadly screams:

Pheebles said...

Sandra and I bought Wii Fit for ourselves for Christmas. We opened it Christmas Eve and on Christmas day, I could barely walk after doing step aerobics, skiing and hula hoops, LOL. I am winning on the hoola hoops, but Sandra is better at skiiing.

Gracen Miller said...

I absolutely STINK at skiing and hitting soccer balls with my head. lol