Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Saturday's Contest Winner

Congratulations to our winner from Saturday's contest...the review of the published book or partial critique of the unpublished book.

The names were entered into Randomizer.org, and it picked our winner: Nora's Soul, by Margay Leah Justice! Congratulations, Margay!!!! To claim your prize, please email us at thedeadlyvixens@yahoo.com. Thanks for participating in our contest everyone! Don't forget to check back each Saturday for a new contest!

Please note: New winners will be chosen from the remaining entries if prizes are not claimed within one (1) week from today's drawing. No exceptions are made.

The Deadly Vixens

2 deadly screams:

Molly Daniels said...

So much for my winning streak, lol! Congrats Margay:)

Tierney O'Malley said...

Congrats Margay!!

Tierney O'Malley