Friday, February 27, 2009

And Interview with Petra and Dean

Gracen: So, let me introduce to you my new characters I’m writing about. Their names are Petra and Dean. They’re currently in a neighborhood near Bir—

Dean: Hey, I should come first, Gracen. Alphabetically it sounds better.
Gracen: *gives Dean confused look*
Petra: *crosses her legs neatly* Ladies first, Dean. *smiles smugly*
Dean: *snorts and cocks his thumb at her* Don’t let her fool you, she’s no lady.
Petra: I will kick your ass.
Dean: *grinning* Kinky.

Gracen: *looking between them because I have lost control of the interview before it ever began* Are you two finished?

Petra: Can you make him behave?
Gracen: Do I have to try?
Dean: You don’t like me when I behave, darling, remember?
Petra: *grunts* See what you know.
Gracen: I really need to get on with the interview.
Dean: Duly, chastised, doll face.
Petra: Dean, seriously, women do not like for you to call them endearments.
Gracen: I don’t mind. Really. But I do need to get back to the interview.
Dean: *winks at me* See, she doesn’t mind.

Gracen: *clears throat and interrupts argument* So, what do you two do for a living? Is there an official title?

Dean: Hunter.
Petra: Nephilim.
*long tense silence*

Gracen: *awkward* Either of you care to elaborate on those titles? For instance, Dean what do you hunt?

Dean: A little of this. A little of that.
Gracen: *sighs…this isn’t going as I had planned* O-kay.

Gracen: So, Petra, what exactly entails being a Nephilim?

Petra: Father…fallen angel. Mother…mortal woman.
Gracen: Interesting.
Petra: *shrugs* Not really. It’s complicated.
Dean: It’s dangerous.
Gracen: How so?
Dean: The demons want her. *the soft look he gives Petra melts my heart* I won’t let them have her.
Petra: *she grabs Dean’s hand resting on the sofa between them*

Gracen: Does the danger ever get exciting?

Dean: She’s exciting. Keeps me guessing. The rest is another day at the job.
Petra: Don’t let him fool you, he loves sending demons back to hell.
Dean: Yeah, real big turn on. *rolls eyes*

Gracen: So, if you could be granted one wish, what would it be?

Dean: Easy one. I’d kill her demonic husband.
Petra: Can it, loud mouth! Next question.
Gracen: Wait! You’re married…to a demon? Tell us about it.
Dean: One of the Four Kings of hell actually. A real bad mofo.
Petra: *glares at Dean*
Dean: *smiles sweetly at Petra* She asked about my wish, darling. I cannot lie.
Petra: Why not? You lie about everything else. *rolls eyes* A saint he is not.
Dean: That’s not fair. Those lies keep your pretty ass alive.
Petra: True…but still. We can’t tell these mortals all my secrets. It’ll put them in danger.
Dean: Good point.
*they both turn to stare at me*

Gracen: *fidgeting uncomfortably in my chair now* What would you like for the readers to know about you?

Dean: All donations are accepted in the monetary form of cash at 1-800-deanwin.
Petra: *backhands him playfully* He’s joking. We don’t have a 1-800 number.

Okay, so that’s my new duo. They’re a bit rough around the edges. I’m still fleshing out their characters, but I’m enjoying them. Strange what you learn about your characters when you do interviews. For instance, I didn’t have a clue Petra was married to one of the Four Kings of Hell. And damn if that doesn’t give me lots of evil plots.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Sarah Mäkelä said...

Excellent character interview! :D I thought it was really interesting. It makes me want to do something like that with my characters.

Carrie from Wisconsin said...

I like it when authors do character interviews!

Another clever blog Gracen!

Gracen Miller said...

Thanks, ladies. Sorry I haven't replied before now. Having terrible thunderstorms and tornadoes here and my internet is coming and going.

This was my first character interview and I had a blast doing it. LOL Even if I didn't maintain control of it so well. ;-)

Ashley Ladd said...

Great interview.

Stay safe Gracen. Hope you have a basement.

Carrie from Wisconsin said...

Agreed, stay safe


Gracen Miller said...

Thanks, Ashley & Carrie. We're all safe and yeppers, I have a basement. I never had to go to my "safe place". My husband was at work and they did have to go to their "safe place" there. It was kind of scary because the tornado was headed straight for his employment according to the weather man. But, nothing happened and it all turned out okay. Now, they're predicting snow. :-/ This weather is CRAZY!