Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heidi Betts's winners

Here's a note from Heidi about the winners (It was in the comments, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it.)

Good morning, all! Lest you think I've forgotten about offering to give away books from my Backlist...I so did not! I simply went to bed a little early last night & forgot to announce winners beforehand. (Hey, just wait till you turn 29; you'll fall asleep early, too! *g*)

Had my kitties help me pick, & the readers who apparently smelled most like catnip were...

Laria Lee &
Crystal GB

Congratulations, ladies! As mentioned in my blog post, please visit the Backlist section of my website (located on the Books page) & pick a book you'd like to read. Then contact me with your title choice & mailing information, either thru the contact form also located on the website or at, & I'll get your books out to you!

Thank you so much for blogging with me. And thank you, Vixens, for inviting me to visit. I had a terrific time!

Heidi Betts

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