Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Eight and Still Going!

Here's your chance to win a free copy of Michele Bardsley's ebook "Wizard's Moon"! This is the eighth of over a full week of contests, so be sure to check back to see if you're a winner. We will be giving away one free ebook everyday from now until Tuesday July 1st.

For your chance to win, answer the following question. Name one time period Sierra likes to read about. (The answer can be found in today's blog post titled "Time After Time".)

Winners will be announced one week from the date of the contest. So Mondays winner will be announced the next Monday, and so on.

Be sure to check back and see if you have won. If your name is drawn as the winner, you will need to email us at to claim your prize. Include your email address within the email when you claim the prize to ensure delivery.

New winners will be chosen from the remaining entries if prizes are not claimed within one week of drawing.

Best of luck!

The Deadly Vixens

P.S. Don't forget our weekly contests on Saturdays! Every week we give away a new prize so check back often for your chance to win!

*WARNING* Some books may contain explicit material and are for persons 18 years of age or older. If you are not at least 18, please do not enter the contest, as we have no way of knowing your actual age. By entering this contest, you are accepting these terms and agree that you are at least 18 years of age. Thank you.

2 deadly screams:

rippst8 said...

sierra yoou like to read about the salem witch trial i think its apretty interesting timeand how time has changed annette

Phoebe Jordan said...

Sierra likes to read about the Salem Witch trail period in history. I also sometimes like to read about those times, because they are so different from now. Now practicing witch craft and so on is considered a religion when in the Salem Witch trials it was considered the work of the devil.