Friday, June 27, 2008

What Life Is This?

Hi, all! *waves* It's Gracen here for my Friday chatter. *wink*

I have heard that we are born in the generation we could do the most, be the most effective. These words keep resonating through my head as I am faced with the ramifications of a lightening storm that has knocked out my Internet and telephone service. Ugh! Strange how I lived 28 years without any form of Internet service and now I feel disconnected from the world without it because I cannot talk to my forum buddies or surf the web. I cannot even pay my bills without my Internet. I feel like I’m stranded on a deserted island. I know, that is a bit dramatic, but it is true nonetheless. I am forced to write this blog from my wifi connection at my son’s karate school. It’s terribly inconvenient. I cannot even get my five minutes of news without turning on the television or opening a newspaper. But then, why would I want to use this ancient technology, right? ;-)

So, this makes me wonder…if I have lived before what might it have been like without the basics like electricity or running water? We take it all for granted. Even my cell phone should be backing me up with telephone service right now, but it refuses to cooperate and receive a signal at my home. *crosses my arms over my chest and makes an angry face* My technology has failed me! But I know I will eventually be able to plug back into the matrix at some point in the near future.

Can any of you imagine talking to your buddies only through the pony express? Me personally, I am thankful for all my cyber buddies and cannot imagine life without you all! I’m missing all of you, especially my Supernatural Bust Dean Outta Hell Brigade buddies! *whimper…sniffle…whimper* Okay, I’ll stop the whining now. ;-)

But what if I could reincarnate into the future? How different would the landscape look? Will our roadways be in the sky and in spaceships? Will we still be dependent upon gas or will we be using the natural free air to power our motorized vehicles? Will we have destroyed our atmosphere or learned how to clean it up? Will we have colonized space…or maybe Mars? LOL. Maybe we will be befriending aliens through a Stargate program? What? It could happen…couldn’t it? Is any of this even possible?

The possibility of future advances is one of the reasons that make the idea of reincarnation so fascinating for me. Another is being able to reinvent myself over and over again with differing outcomes, like I do when I write characters in my books. Speculating that reincarnation is real, how many times are we reborn? Is there a limit? I wonder how it would work, or if it is at our discretion?

I do not have any personal experience with reincarnation myself. I’m on the fence whether I believe in it or not. I like the idea and the possibilities of it, but any solid belief is lost out there in limbo land.

Someone commented to Sierra’s blog on Monday that recurrent dreams could be past life memories. I mentioned my recurring tornado dream. Man, I hope that I didn’t die in a tornado, but I’ve had it so many times, I guess if reincarnation exists, then it would be plausible that I’ve experienced a tornado in a past life. Another recurring dream is where I am calling frantically for my son. Sometimes I find him, sometimes I do not, but each time I find him, it is the current real-life child I am looking for. Even in the dream, however, I know that he is my son. Is this a past life regression or simply real life fears?

I have a girlfriend that is on the fence about reincarnation, but her son asked her—about six years ago when he was five years old—if she would be his mother in his next life. She asked him why he thought he would be reincarnated and he said he knew how things worked.

Talk about from the mouth of babes…

Have a great weekend everyone! :-)

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Pheebles said...

The idea of reincarnation has long fascinated me. I don't know for sure if it is possible, but I would like to think it is.

When my youngest child was born, I remember looking into her little eyes, and thinking that there was an oooollld soul looking out of them at me, and of my three children, she has always seemed the most jaded by life. It's hard to explain, but she has always struck me as having been here before. It may just be that I am reading things into her because my cousin died a few years before she was born, and she just happened to be born on that cousin's birthday. Maybe I am just seeing what I want to see?

Phoebe Jordan said...

Reincarnation seems to be the theme lately and it just gets more interesting with each blog post.

Molly Daniels said...

1( As someone who has been w/o internet for nearly a month, I didn't realize how attached I've become to my online community!

2) My youngest has talked repeatedly obout 'his other mommy and daddy' and his 'blue house' with his 'horse named Daisy'. I jokingly told my sil, and she wonders if maybe he's remembering a past life; one he was taken out of too soon, or rejoined the world too quickly. Don't know, but maybe I should start writing some of his storiies down???

Sorry I've not checked in's rough when the library restricts certain sites, and as soon as my van is fixed, then I'll be able to get to my 'good' temporary 'office'.

Scorpio1311 said...

" Maybe we will be befriending aliens through a Stargate program? What? It could happen…couldn’t it? Is any of this even possible?"

That is totally plausible. Last year I read of a few things the old Star Trek series inspired: MIT have created a "tractor beam" or optical tweezers for working with microchips. University of Washington is experimenting with a tricorder-like tool and Purdue researchers are working on creating a cloaking device.

Interesting twist Gracen thinking about future reincarnation. Maybe with the lightspeed advancement of the technology we love and hate (when it fails us) science may discover a way to tap into those of us who have had past lives to figure out why it happens and perhaps we can eventually control to come back or not. A way for a human to become immortal without becoming a supernatural being; or is that what makes a being supernatural?

BTW, the Brigade misses you terribly as well! *big hug*

rippst8 said...

well i'm glad to here you and family are alright i was beginning to wonder where you were. you i sit and wonder same thing about future and its going to bring us and with we will even been around to see all the stuff they show in the movies one of my favorite such movies is demolition man to sit and wonder if it will be like that pure and clean that would be great and also boring in aspects. so now we have reincarnation i am with you on that also not sure about it have never really thought about or never experienced it so i really don't know but i'm sure we all have a past and future both.

Cathy said...

I do believe in reincarnation and really enjoyed reading your post.

Gracen Miller said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Pheebles, interesting about your daughter...I once had a total strange come up to me when my oldest son was 18 months old and tell me he was an old soul and had lived many lives. It was kind of creepy, but interesting too.

Phoebe, I love to hear other folks opinions about this topic too.

Molly, I am sooooo feeling your pain on struggling through life without internet service. I agree, you should write about your son's "other" family. My youngest used to do that when he was younger, but not so much now. He was also very insistent that I was his sister for a while.

Scorpio, that is really cool info about MIT. And I really miss the Brigade too!

Rippst8, Demolition Man is really way too pristine of an enviornment for me, but what could be is entertaining to ponder.

Thanks, Cathy, for responding to my blog. I'd love to hear your arguments for reincarnation. Like I said, I'm on the fence about it, so am unsure. I love the concept, but I just don't know...but I enjoy hearing other folks opinions. We're all so unique and different and that's what makes conversation so wonderful.

Okay, I'm off the internet now until the internet company decides to plug me back into the matrix... ;-)

macbeaner said...

I don't know how I lived before I had e-mail. Its sick. Seriously. sick. But I've been weaning myself off the comp lately. (just because I've been on here an hour now means nothing. nothing I tell you!)

Gracen Miller said...

LOL, Macbeaner! I am a total computer addict. ;-)

kimmyl said...

Great post. Reincarnation? Yeah I guess I believe in it. After seeing movies about it and reading books it makes you wonder.