Thursday, June 19, 2008

Please Welcome Author...Cynthia Rayne

The Deadly Vixens would like to welcome guest author Cynthia Rayne. Thank you, Cynthia for joining us this week.

Without further ado...

The Appeal of the Bad Boy

Romance novels are peppered with bad boy heroes. I think it may have started with Jane Austen's Willoughby. Technically, he was the villain, because he leaves the heroine high and dry but sometimes men like this can be irresistable. Willoughby had several bad boy characteristics: charm, recklessness, unpredictability, and a wicked sense of humor.Remember though, he ultimately wanted to marry her, but he would have been cut off completely. What kind of bad boy could do without his family fortune? Don't tell anyone, but I much prefer him to the dry (and let's face it) kind of boring Colonel Brandon. I always thought she should have had an affair with Willoughby at least.

Note: Now, I know to many Jane Austen fans, those are fightin' words, but it is just my opinion. :)

This bad boy phenomenon happens across the board in the romance genre. Most historicals are peppered with reformed rakes, lecherous lords, and irrepressible highwaymen. Paranormals have vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural studs that are brimming with bad boy behaviors (including some killers -- with a purpose of course!). This list goes on and on.

So why do we like these bad boys?

1. They don't make you fall asleep (see above!). Things are always exciting with a bad boy. Now, this excitement may include running away from the police, but...hey, at least you won't be bored, right?

2. Alpha Male Characteristics. They are "mad, bad, and dangerous" to know, just like Lord Byron (who is another bad boy) and he still thrills women today (just read his poem, "She Walks in Beauty, Like the Night" to find out why). They don't always do the right thing. They are aggressive, a little domineering (but in a reaaaallly sexy way), and do whatever the hell they went to do.

3. They Need You. Underneath all of this masculine behavior is a deliciously soft and almost completely hidden vulnerable side. Maybe they were hurt in the past by some woman (mothers, lovers) and are wounded. Nothing brings out a woman's nurturing side more.

The downside? They don't call when they say they will, they may not bring their wallet with them to dinner, and they may make "booty calls" late, late at night. Not to mention the risk of a heartache for you.

Maybe that is why women are so fascinated with them (safely within the pages of a romance novel of course). It is good to observe them from a distance and see a heroine ultimately reform them.

So...what about all of you? Who are your favorite "bad boy" heros? Why do you think women are so captivated by them?"

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Disclaimer (because we don't have a choice): The views expressed by the guest blogger do not necessarily reflect those of The Deadly Vixens.

4 deadly screams:

Bitten by Books said...

Great post! I think the Alpha male types hold appeal to me in books because they seem so sexy. A little lovin', a little spanking. LOL and tenderness when it counts. Of course if it were in real life, some of them would get YE old Rach smack down. he he

Sierra Wolfe said...

Thanks for posting with us Cynthia. Great blog today. I agree about the alpha male, they are the sexiest.

LOL, I'd love to see the Rach smack down, though! It'd be a hoot.

Cynthia Rayne said...

LOL. Well, most alpha males are in desperate need of alpha females to keep them in line!

Gracen Miller said...

Hi, Cynthia! Thanks so much for blogging with us. Your topic was a blast to read and chuckle over.

As for the Rach Smack down...are you selling tickets to that event? Because I want a front row seat to that. LOL. Sounds like a blast. And I too would probably want to smack down an alpha male in real life. Course, most of my characters are the dark, dangerous types that I wouldn't want to meet in dark alleys anyway.

The conflict between two alphas is entertaining to read and write, so yeah, I definitely agree that an alpha male needs an alpha female.