Friday, September 12, 2008

Gracen's Guilty Pleasure Revealed... ;-)

Hi, everyone! I hope your week has been awesome. Mine has been filled with football, karate, 1st and 5th grade homework, and dust, dust, and more dust. We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel and there have been sheetrock men here this week. Boy, does that create a mess! I have mopped my floors three times now and still have not gotten the sheetrock haze off the floors. We’re wiping down walls and cabinets and chairs. Yes, we did put up plastic, but it didn’t keep out all the dust.

So, since we didn’t have a topic to discuss this week, I thought I would talk about my favorite television shows and which ones I’m looking forward to the most. I also encourage you to tell me your most anticipated shows and your guilty pleasures! ;-)

I will start off...My favorite show, the one I’m looking forward to the most is SUPERNATURAL!!!! It returns Thursday, September 18, 2008, on the CW, and I’m terribly excited!!!!!!! Dean was left in hell while Sam cried over his brother’s hellhound mutilated body. We all know Dean will come back from hell, the question is how and will it be believable?!? I am so excited about this premiere, in fact, that it’s really ridiculous considering my age. This summer I have ate, slept and breathed this show with a group over at called Bust Dean Outta Hell Brigade! We’re a wee bit obsessive over there, but we’ve become one big family too and I think I’ve created some long-lasting cyber friends! So, my blog this week is dedicated to my freaky darlings over at the Brigade! Love you all. Huggles!

Another favorite show is Stargate Atlantis, but sadly it’s been canceled. :-( I watch Prison Break with my boys, but after the first two episodes, I’m starting to think it is about time for it to be canceled. It’s just has not had the same fascination for me that the last three seasons have had.

I watch Ghosthunters, Paranormal State, House and I can’t think of anything else. lol I know there has got to be more, but I cannot think of them. I watched Fringe the other night and thought it was really, really good. I’ll definitely tune back in next week. I’m eagerly anticipating the Sanctuary on Sci-Fi. I hope it’s not a disappointment.

My guilty pleasure…big gulp...Nip/Tuck.

Your turn to tell me your favorite television shows and your guilty pleasures…

Have a great weekend!

6 deadly screams:

Cathy said...

Supernatural and Stargate Atlantis (I hadn't heard it was cancelled, total bummer) are also two of my favorites. Also love Project Runway, Life, House, Terminator: Sara Connor Chronicles, and the new series Fringe.

Have you heard of the new sci-fi series with Amanding Tapping from Stargate, called Sanctuary? No previews yet, but it's suppossed to start in October.

Gracen Miller said...

YAY! Another Supernatural and Stargate Atlantis lover!

I'm looking forward to checking out Sanctuary. I've seen a couple of commercials, but it's hard to tell what it's about from them. I hope it turns out to be as good as the Stargate series (both of them) were.

MsValerie said...

Television is one of my guilty pleasures, one of the few that I can actually indulge any more. The others are hot sex (I *think* I remember what that's like), great stout, and long hot soaks in a comfortable tub (another distant memory).

My favorite shows right now (and thank the gods for DVR) have turned out to be Life (yay for the upcoming second season), Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds, True Blood, Fringe, The Cleaner, and The Closer. I miss Jericho, Moonlight, and New Amsterdam (loved that one), and Saving Grace. I'm eagerly awaiting My Own Worst Enemy, In Plain Sight, and The Mentalist.

Now...I need to do something about indulging some more of my guilty pleasures, don't I?

Molly Daniels said...

My new show this year is 90210. I love One Tree Hill, and am looking forward to Surviver.

My son's looking forward to Supernatural too!

Alessandra said...

Let's see..fav shows..
SUPERNATURAL!!!!, Stargate Atlantis, tie (Bones, NCIS, House), Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Ghost Whisperer, will miss Moonlight, Fringe (pilot was shot here in Toronto :D) looks promising, comedies (Big Bang Theory, 2 1/2 Men). I've heard of Sanctuary but can't seem to find out if a Canadian station will pick it up :( and hockey - Go Leafs!

Those shows, the "Bust Dean Outta Hell Brigade" and reading keep me sane!

Good weekend everyone and prayers to those in the path of Ike.

Cathy said...

Another one of my guilty pleasures is watching Tabitha:Salon Makeovers. Totally hilarious.