Sunday, September 21, 2008

Please Welcome Author...Karen Erickson!!

I tried something different with my recent Ellora's Cave release, Hidden (buy link: Well, I have written a shifter before but this time I decided to embark on a shifter series. It’s about a hotel located in Las Vegas that’s employed by only shifters. Well, and with a few witches thrown in for good measure.

Yes indeed, the Swank Hotel is a different kind of place but people don't know exactly why. Though the guests do feel that weird vibe every once in a while...

Where did I come up with the idea for this? I'm not quite sure, actually. But hey, it's Las Vegas. Anything goes right? I believe it’s a place where many go and hide. And if they’re not hiding, they’re letting loose, revealing their inner selves. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas indeed.

Watch for more stories about the unusual employees at the Swank Hotel as part of the Sin City Shifters Series coming soon!

I’m giving away a FREE download of Hidden to one lucky commenter who leaves a comment here today! So please comment.

Book one in the Sin City Shifters series, now available at Ellora’s Cave.

As a shadow dancer, Daisy titillates the ever-growing crowds at Swank Hotel’s upscale Seduction Lounge. When Sebastian Collins attempts to steal her away to save his own failing business, she declines. Even in a city of freaks, she stands out. At Swank, surrounded by her own kind, Daisy’s safe.But that doesn’t stop her from being intrigued by the sexy club owner. With a little help from her bartending witch friend, Daisy transforms long enough to steal several orgasmically delicious hours with Sebastian. Afterward, he’s desperate to see her again—but the real Daisy might be too hot for Sebastian to handle.



“Are you Sebastian?”

The moment had arrived. He recognized her voice from their phone conversation. Turning his head, he found a goddess standing beside him, clad in a slinky black dress that accentuated every delicious curve of her body.

“Daisy?” His voice came out an embarrassing croak and he coughed, trying to cover it.

She nodded toward the chair across from him. He’d moved from the bar to a table when Mo the bartender had told him Daisy would meet with him out here. He thought it would be more intimate.

Right now he was thankful he’d made that decision.

“May I sit down?”

Her voice was husky, sexy, just as he remembered. It rolled over him, filling him with lust, making his cock surge against the fly of his pants, and he wondered what he would do if she whispered hot words into his ear.

A cold sweat broke out across his forehead. He’d probably come in his pants. “Yes, please sit down,” he said, waving her toward the chair.

She did so, leaving her chair cocked at an angle so he could get a good gander at the long, long legs she’d just crossed, the skirt of her dress slipping up even higher. Smooth, golden skin beckoned for him to touch and he clenched his hands into fists, settling them on top of the table.

If he didn’t clutch his hands he’d reach out and grab her, slide his hands up those smooth-looking thighs, test her soft, soft skin. Not the way to impress on their first meeting.

“Do you want something to drink?”

Daisy shook her head, a teasing gleam in her golden eyes. Such an unusual color, they seemed to glow, see right through him, and he felt momentarily hypnotized.

“Didn’t you want to talk business, Mister Collins?”

“Um, yes.” He cleared his throat again, straightening his tie, trying to look official.

But he didn’t feel very official. No, more like he felt the overwhelming urge to touch her, trail his fingers up her arm, cup those heavy breasts that were straining against the thin fabric of her dress. Maybe even scoot that skirt up a little farther and dip his fingers between her legs, testing just how hot and wet and ready she would be for him.

“Penny for your thoughts,” she murmured, her glossy lips parting invitingly.


For more information about Karen Erickson, please visit her website ( and her ( which she updates daily.

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Ayla said...

I love the sound of this series! Very cool.

DawnM said...

I really like the sound of a hotel run by supernaturals, Karen, lots of scope for an expanded series, LOL. Re the shadow dancing, is that something that's still done? I've only previously heard of it in a historical context.

Cathy said...

I love shifter stories, and the "anything goes" spirit of Vegas will let you have great fun with this series.

Sarah Mäkelä said...

Your series sounds awesome. I love the idea. Shifters are one of my favorites in the paranormal genre. Thanks for blogging with us!

Karen Erickson said...

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by and the kind comments. :)

Dawn, shadow dancing is currently popular again in LA and Las Vegas. I saw a special on the sexiest jobs in Vegas and shadow dancer made the top 10. That's what gave me the idea...


MsValerie said...

Shifters! My favorite! This sounds like a fun read. Please enter me to win.

~Katie~ said...

*drools* Oh this sounds so good! Please pick me, I haven't had a chance to read anything new in a while because of schoolwork!

Gracen Miller said...

Hi, Karen! Thanks so much for blogging with us. It was a great blog and fun having you.

Thanks again. Good luck to all the contestants.

Karen Erickson said...

Hey Katie you lucky drooling girl, I did and it chose #7 which is your post! So congrats! You get a free download of Hidden!

Email me at karen.e.erickson @ (minus spaces) and tell me what format you prefer.

Thanks everyone for coming out and thanks again The Deadly Vixens for allowing me to guest blog! :)