Friday, July 4, 2008

Gracen's Favorite Time Period

Hi, everyone! To all the American’s—Happy 4th of July!! *fireworks exploding* For all the non-Americans I hope you are having a wonderful Friday! *fireworks exploding for you too*

My favorite time period is without question contemporary paranormal or futuristic. I cut my teeth on historical romances, with the first romance book I ever read being The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. I loved it, but I could not write a plausible storyline during that time period without some heavy-duty research. I’d muck it up terribly without doing some homework first. That admitted…I still love to read historical romances. There is a sweet simplistic quality to them that doesn’t exist in the hardcore paranormal contemporary romances that I feast upon. Hmm….wonder why? ;-)

I even enjoy the horror genre—even though that technically is not a “time period” per se—Stephen King and Dean Koontz being my favorites. Well, older King…not newer. He has gotten too wordy for my tastes.

When I write, I prefer to cultivate a paranormal theme in modern day, with a dual supernatural world going on at the same time. It is easier for me that way and I can let my imagination flow without getting bogged down in whether an Earl outranks a Marquis or vice versa. I can create my own hierarchy among the demon world I create instead of following the dictates of polite historical society. The one futuristic novel I have written—it is presently submitted and awaiting acceptance or rejection—was still governed by my society guidelines being set off world and having nothing to do with our world at all. What it comes down to is that I enjoy making my own rules...not being dictated by society’s rules whether in historical or contemporary or whatever time period.

Have a safe Holiday and great weekend everyone!

3 deadly screams:

Molly Daniels said...

I read a few Dean Koontz several years ago. They were on loan, so I couldn't keep them. But I'd love to go buy a few for myself!

Did you read King's 'Bag of Bones'? I had to keep putting it down every so often; it creeped me out! Same with 'Dream Catcher'(I think was the title...had Judd and 'Duddits' in it?)

Have a happy 4th of July:)

Sierra Wolfe said...

Great post Gracen! And Happy 4th of July to you too! Hope you have a great one.

As we all know, I love paranormals too, LOL. I've never been much on Stephen King, as you said it, too wordy. I've tried to read his books, but put them down right away, couldn't get into them.

Gracen Miller said...

Hi, Molly & Sierra. Thanks for your comments. I hope both of you had a Happy July 4th.

My favorite King novels are The Stand and his Dark Tower series (although the last one was so wordy I haven't been able to get through it :-( which is bad since I don't know how they all ended now). Pet Cemetary was good too, but tough for me to read as a mother, especially when the baby died. That one tore me up bad.

Have a great weekend!