Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sarah's take on Numerology

Hi everyone! Sorry this blog post is so late, but I've had quite a day!

I have had some experience, but not a whole lot. I've gotten my name and birthdate analyzed, but that was a while back. I did a kind of report for research on this blog entry, and what I found out was surprising.

The first place I went was a bit shocking and rather creepy, especially what it said for in my private life Words that embody the people or things that you interact with are "Drama, Hell".

The second place I went to was It had a lot of information on both a person's name and their birthday. It gave the Soul Urge, what your number is, and your Inner Dream number. Of course, I don't know if I absolutely take what it says as gold, but I do know that oddly enough a lot of things it said were right on. Intriguing!

So, what do you think about numerology? Do you have any experiences with it? Have you gotten reports? Let me know what you all think about this topic! =)

**Sarah Mäkelä by NO means endorses either website given. They are meant as just for fun.**

2 deadly screams:

Alessandra said...

Hi Sarah, hope you're having a better day today. I enjoyed your report and will try out the sites you mentioned, just for fun of course, as the one I tried after Sierra's Monday post has left me a bit dubious. I sent away for a free numerology name reading which I will share, as you asked ;)

I provided 1st name, date of birth, marital and employment status.

After the usual yadda, yadda that I wld receive a great deal of money due to a change in work status or lottery winning (don't play the lottey) within the next 44 days-contact me for more indepth analysis(not cheap BTW)!

My characteristics were listed as follows:
refined and cultured, traditional but open to new ideas as I like to continue to grow, strong sense of self, own strongest critic, take on too many responsibilities, don't settle with what others tell me(hv to see for myself), perceptive about people,unusually strong intuition and psychic to some extent. My strong aura suggests I have a sixth sense.

I admit most are accurate but that has more to do with astrology IMO typical Scorpio)then perhaps the numerology of my name??

I'll see what the other sites will provide :D

Syam Pandeet said...

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