Thursday, July 17, 2008

Please Welcome Author...Tawny Taylor

Hello everyone! I’m so thrilled to be here this week.

I guess I could start with a short introduction. For those who don’t know me, I’m Tawny Taylor, and I write uber-hot romance stories for Changeling Press, Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Kensington and Pocket. The vast majority of my published works are paranormal BDSM stories. Many of them are also ménage-a trois.

I thought I’d comment about this week’s topic, since it’s interesting.

So, what’s my answer?

It depends.

Personally, I find that no part of writing is easy. Ideas, dialogue, sex scenes, romantic scenes, emotional moments…at one time or another, they’ve all come easier than the others. It seems to depend upon what else I have going on at the time.

Like right now, NOTHING is easy. I have a house full of bored, bickering kids (IMO, school should be year-round *g*). There’s lots of noise and commotion, and I’ve spent the winter and spring hibernating. I want to go outside. Breathe fresh air. Get bit by insects…you know, live. Thus, my writing suffers. Come fall, though, I know I’ll be ready to dig in again. At least that’s been the way things have gone since I started writing in 2001.

Now, this winter was the total opposite. After the holidays, it seemed like it all came easier (you’ll notice, I didn’t say easy). I had lots of stories in my head and they all wanted to come out. I couldn’t write fast enough. Emotion poured onto the page. Raging hot love scenes. I was just loving the process. That was when I wrote this week’s release with Ellora’s Cave, Masters of Illusion. I’d just watched a moody, dark movie called The Illusionist and my imagination took flight. The characters pretty much wrote the book for me (I was the one who got carpel tunnel, though. *g*)

So, there you go--my response to this week’s topic. It depends…

…on whether my kids are home from school

…on the weather outside

…on what and how much I’ve fed my imagination (yes, my imagination must be fed on a regular basis. You wouldn’t believe the “food” it craves.)

…on my hormones (TMI?)

Thanks again for having me! I had a great time!


Tawny Taylor

MASTERS OF ILLUSION, Available in ebook formats, Ellora’s Cave

4 deadly screams:

Sierra Wolfe said...

Great post, Tawny! Thanks so much for being our guest today. We're thrilled to have you with us.

I completely understand the many distractions that come from writing at home, LOL. It does affect whether we have good days or bad days with our writing. Along with everything else going on in our lives.

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

good to know writing with the kids home on summer break isn't impossible...just HARD!

Gracen Miller said...

Thanks for blogging with us today, Tawny! Your blog had me nodding my head in complete agreement and understanding just about the entire way through.

My kids are underfoot constantly too. They're loud, they're rambunctious and they argue...constantly, non-stop and for absolutely no reason at all. *shakes head at useless fighting* Seriously...WHY?

I've been reduced to pulling out the "You two better learn to get along because when we're gone, you're all you two got" card. Yeah a bit desperate and a lot dramatic, but the blank looks on their faces said it didn't make much of an impression. :-)

Year round school...hmmmmm....I'm liking that idea--maybe a little too much. ;-)

This was a great and witty blog. And thanks again for being our guest today. It was an honor and a pleasure. Good luck with Masters of Illusions!

Molly Daniels said...

Hi Tawney:) Great post!

(Grin!) I have days where I'm an advocate for year-round school too:)

Especially when my toddler gets bored because his older siblings are still asleep...or when said older ones want 'their' time on the internet!

Sigh...there are days where I'd love an office to go to, where I could write to my heart's content. Oh wait...that's called Home from September-May! And as of this month, every Monday evening at the ice cream parlor!