Monday, July 21, 2008


I happen to be sick this week, so forgive me if my blog post is very short. This week we’re discussing numerology.

I’m afraid I really don’t know much about numerology. I found many sites online that try to explain it, but it seems to be a rather complicated process. Of course, since I don’t feel very well, I probably didn’t give it my full attention. I did fill out a form on one of the sites and have them email me a sample report.

From what it appears to be, it’s nothing like what I thought. I assumed it was similar to horoscopes and you found out what kind of day or week you were going to have. It seemed to be more general and based on your whole life. What kind of goals you strive for, what kind of success you will have, etc.

It was interesting to read, and I will probably go back and give it another go when I do feel better, but for now, I’m afraid, my interest just wasn’t peaked enough to look into it more fully.

If you know how to do a numerology report or have had one done, please share your experiences with me.

3 deadly screams:

Gracen Miller said...

Sierra, I hope you get to feeling better soon.

I admit I don't know much about numerology either, but I'm interested to learn about it. I have a fixation on numbers (or maybe it's a little OCD), so I'm excited to see what I can find out.

Take care and hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.

Alessandra Baker said...

Sierra, sending you some virtual chicken soup to make you feel better. :D

I tried to fill in some of the charts myself and got lost >:( as well. I've sent away for a numerological reading on my name - will post the results when they come in.

Take care of yourself!

Sarah Mäkelä said...

I hope you get to feeling better! Numerology is a lot more general from what I've seen to. It's not as focused on this day or week. Great blog. =)