Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our visit with Patricia Bates

This week the Deadly Vixens was fortunate to talk with Patricia Bates and find out a little about her and how she works. We hope you enjoy reading about Patricia and she's even given us an excerpt of her novel The Master's Mistress! Here's what Patricia has to say about herself...

Writing environments are important. Patricia tends to write the best when she’s at home on her computer with music playing. A nice comfortable computer chair lets her curl up in front of the keyboard.

There is always music playing, be it the radio, the digital music channels or her computer’s rather extensive music library. Every day is different in the genre of music she listens to, one day it could be Celine Dion and Bryan Adams and the next Charlie Pride with everything thrown in between. Her mood has a great deal to do with the selection of music and the topic she writes about.

Patricia’s office is cluttered with stacks of binders and notes of my research for my novels. The organized chaos that is within the walls of the room only add to the flavor as the words flow from her head to the computer. When in the zone, she can easily type out two or three chapters a day of solid writing. Is it perfect no, but at least the ideas are there. She doesn’t write very much with a pen and paper, preferring to type it as its faster, and more easily edited for her.

With a small child in the house it means that the environment is a lot noisier and chaotic than a quiet retreat but she seems to thrive on that. A bit of noise or a distraction keeps her grounded while she writes, allowing her to use her writing as an escape. .

As a major history buff – she loves to write about the old west and even earlier in time. History is something that just comes alive for Patricia which makes it easy to write historicals. Her first novel, which is currently being reviewed by Champagne Books is called The Master’s Mistress and is set during the 9th century Norse occupation of Ireland.

Excerpt **Mykyl watched his father’s priest Rognvaldr gallop into the yard. Directly behind him was an unfamiliar young woman. She sat relaxed in the saddle as the animal stopped next to Rognvaldr’s mount. Her long auburn hair waves fell past her waist to brush against the back of the saddle as she dismounted.

She looked foreign, with wide set eyes and a small, upturned nose. He found himself aching to stroke the pale, flawless skin untouched by age or disease. She nodded at him slowly; a mere movement of her head, but it was an acknowledgement.

“I see you made it Rognvaldr.” Tyr’s voice boomed out.

The disapproval in Rognvaldr’s eyes as he turned to look at the woman irritated Mykyl. He caught the flash of unease in her eyes before they darted to the horses. Mykyl bit back a curse as his father brushed past him to greet the aged priest.

“Indeed. As you can see she is well.”

Mykyl watched the other slaves turn to eye the young woman. Her clothing was simple, unadorned, and spoke of low stature.

“She’s certainly grown more beautiful. Do you not agree Mykyl? Oh, but I have forgotten you prefer them blonde and blue eyed do you not?” Tyr eyed the woman with a slight smile. “You have done well Rognvaldr. Your reward shall be as impressive as the girl.”

Quickly masking his anger at his father’s promise, Mykyl focused on the girl. She held both horses, her head bowed, and her lips pressed into a flat line with anger. Turning his attention to the old man, who now faced him directly, Mykyl shook his outstretched hand.

“Welcome, young Prince.” Rognvaldr’s smile didn’t reach his eyes. Instead they cooled considerably as Mykyl stared at him.

“And her teachings?” Tyr demanded before Mykyl could speak.

“She’s quite intelligent. Speaks at least three languages as well as reads and writes. Took to my lessons very well, my Lord. As obedient as she should be.”

Mykyl stared at the old man. The thread of dishonesty within Rognvaldr’s voice intrigued him. If Rognvaldr would lie about the slave’s obedience, what else had he been dishonest about? Mykyl glanced at his father who did not appear to have caught the faint hint in the priest’s voice.

“Who is that Father?” Mykyl watched the woman look around the courtyard with hatred and banked rage in her eyes.

“Her name is Amoda, Prince. I’ve been teaching her our ways.”

Mykyl nodded and glanced at his father. “Is she a slave or a priestess?”


“I have not seen her before.” He felt a familiar stirring within him and shifted at the discomfort in his trousers.

“She’s been within Rognvaldr’s care since she was very young.” Tyr explained and turned back to the Priest. Mykyl shook his head. Some things never changed and he was still not within his father’s favor. He did not doubt his father loved him. No, it was more that King Tyr’s attentions were directed to his kingdom and his eldest son.**

We hope you've enjoyed reading about Patricia and her wonderful excerpt from her novel.
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Tara S Nichols said...

Patricia is great! Good post and good excerpt! Congratulations!

Teresa D'Amario said...

Thanks for the interview. :) I'll have to check out her books!

Anonymous said...

Holy COW... Patricia you can write a couple of chapters a day! You are a Goddess and I've read some of your stuff - If you like a middle ages flair, you must check out Patricia's stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

Great interview and excerpt.


Molly Daniels said...

I certainly understand organized chaos:) Good luck with your submission!

Also a Celine Dion and Bryan Adams fan:)

Gracen Miller said...

Great excerpt, Patricia. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Organized chaos is the only way to go, right? =) If my desk is clean I can't find a thing. It's organized when it's thrown everywhere!

Thanks for blogging with us today, Patricia. I had lots of fun reading your post. -- Gracen (aka VampySix on RD)

Anonymous said...

This sounds great. I want to read more. Keep us updated when it's released.

Sierra Wolfe said...

Great post Patricia! I'm so glad you could join us today. Thank you so much for spending a little time on our blog :) Wonderful excerpt from your novel!!

Patrica said...

Thank you to everyone who commented. I'm honored that I got to be here! I'll let everyone know as soon as something gets released!