Monday, May 19, 2008

Supernatural TV Shows I Love

This week The Deadly Vixens has decided to write about the TV shows we love to watch. I have to admit that I don't watch a lot of shows on a regular basis, but I have started watching the show Supernatural, thanks to Gracen hounding me about it, LOL. She was right. I love it. It's a really good show and now I definitely have to watch and see what happens when it comes back next season. Hmmm.

I don't really care for reality TV, but I did watch one series that I really liked. I don't remember the name exactly, but it was about psychic abilities. It was a show on Lifetime and they had these proclaimed psychics come on and they put them up to challenges to test their abilities. Some of them were really good. I was impressed. I really liked this show and I hope it comes on again. I will watch it if it does. I think it was called Americas Psychic Challenge or something like that.

Other than television shows, there are several movies that I absolutely love. The Sixth Sense is my favorite supernatural movie. Haley Joel Osmont did a fantastic job in that movie. The ending hooked me and I had to immediately rewatch it after it went off. I loved it and I've watched it so many times I couldn't even count them.

Another movie I really liked was The Skeleton Key. Another fantastic ending. I would never have suspected it. You can't go wrong watching a show set in the bayou. There's always magic in that setting. Some of the best stories are set in the deep south, or come from there.

Anyway, these are the things I like to watch. I hope you've enjoyed reading about what I find entertaining. Please share your favorites. You never know, you might get me hooked.

4 deadly screams:

Gracen Miller said...

Sierra, I tend to be a bad influence on people at times;-), but this isn't one of those times. =) Supernatural is awesome and I think everyone in the world should be watching it. And Dean is GOING to be brought back from hell next season. I have no doubt about that whatsoever.

I liked the Sixth Sense too, but I haven't seen Skeleton Key yet. I'll have to rent it and give it a shot.

Sierra Wolfe said...

Thanks Gracen. I don't think this was one of those times either ;) You should definitely watch The Skeleton Key. I think you'd really like it.

Molly Daniels said...

My son absolutely LOVES Supernatural!

Myself, I love Survivor. And we're big CSI fans, esp LV and Miami (although NY has the best song!)

I used to be hooked on L&O: SVU, but since I've become the primary parent who gets the kids up in the morning, I can't stay up that late!

And my hubby scoffs at my viewing of One Tree Hill. In my defense, it keeps me in touch with my teen readers:)

Sierra Wolfe said...

Thanks for posting your shows Molly. I used to watch Survivor when it first came out. I watched the first few seasons then got busy and stopped watching. I just never went back to it. I like CSI too, but don't watch it very often. I've seen One Tree Hill a few times because my daughter likes it. I don't see anything wrong with watching teen shows. It does help keep us in touch with what's going on in the teen world nowdays. It's so completely different than it was when I was a teen. You almost have to use shows like that to keep in touch with your readers.