Monday, May 5, 2008

UFO's? Where??

This week, we decided to talk about UFO's. It all started when I was talking to Sarah about an experience that I'd had and we were discussing if it was a UFO or not. Now I know that most people think UFO's are just ridiculous stories, but I'm not so sure they're not true. Roswell ring any bells? A lot of people believe in it.

At any rate, I'll share my experience with you and you can decide if it was a UFO or not. We used to sit outside on my grandma's carport at night. We'd sit on the porch swing and enjoy the lovely summer evenings, watching the lightening bugs and listening to the crickets chirp. We would talk about whatever, my grandma had the gift for gab. :)

Several times when we were sitting outside, we saw a bright orange orb in the sky. It would mostly hover, but it also moved around in a circle or oval before settling down again. It would hand around for hours and then just disappear into the darkness. It didn't happen every night, or even on a regular basis. There was no predicting when it would arrive. But we saw it many times. Sometimes it would come a little closer, but it usually stayed back a ways, high in the night sky.

We discussed this amongst ourselves on many occasions, but we never could figure out what the orange ball was. We finally decided to agree that it was a UFO. I don't know if it was or not, but we found no reasonable explanation for it's existence.

The area does have a history of a UFO appearance. I didn't learn this until much later, after my grandma had passed away. But there was a report of a small crash and an alien body retrieved. It was kept very quiet and only a very few in the area knew of it. A sheriff and a local preacher were reportedly two of the few who were witnesses to the event. Of course, once the story came out, there was a lot of controversy over whether or not this actually occurred.

I think that as far as UFO's go, there will always be controversy. Either you believe, or you don't. I'm still unsure of my position on the subject, but the way I see it, if there can be ghosts, why not aliens? Anything is possible in this world. I know that we'll never know the truth to everything that exists. But if I didn't believe in possibilities, I wouldn't be a paranormal writer.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Do you have any experiences to share? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

2 deadly screams:

Gracen Miller said...

Let me just get it out in the open...I believe in aliens! No questions, no doubts, I believe they exist. My logic is simple, or at least I think it is. Regardless of whether one believes in God or evolution, to me it is arrogance to believe God would have created us and stopped. Why are we so special that He would want only one group of children? I also believe it is arrogance to believe only we could have evolved on this planet and no other creatures evolved on another planet. Why would evolution be possible only on our planet?

Now, if we're being visited by UFO's, then I wonder why? What do they want? What do they find so fascinating about us? Are we their own little scientific experiement? Or are they just observing? Or none of the above. Those are questions I have no answer to.

Sierra, I don't know if what you saw was an alien, but it was at least a UFO becuase it was an unidentified flying object. And it was something you shared with your grandmother, so that makes it even more special.

Thanks, Sierra, for giving us something to ponder about. Great post.

Sarah said...

That's really interesting, Sierra! :D Thanks for the excellent post! You always give us readers something to ponder!