Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where's Sarah?

"Where's Sarah?" you might ask.

Yes, we know, typically, Wednesdays are Sarah's days to blog. But Sarah is having a family crisis that she is taking care of for the next several weeks. We want Sarah to be able to fully commit herself to solving this crisis so she can be with us in thought and writing 100% when she returns. We do not know how long Sarah will be AWOL, but until then, we hope you all will help us support her by wishing her luck and sending her lots of good karma, and prayers, and whatever else is needed to help her solve this issue.

Rest assured, Sarah is physically healthy in every way. This is an external problem that requires her attention.

So, please send happy thoughts for Sarah and her dilemma and hopefully she'll return to us soon.

Until then, please remember to venture back each day to see the regularly scheduled lineup! In the meantime, Sierra and I (Gracen) will try to come up with Wednesday topics to give you something to read. If there is something you would like for us to talk about, please give us a yell out here or at! We are always welcome to suggestions!
Tomorrow we have guest blogger, Patricia Bates, joining us! So don’t forget to check back and give her some feedback!

1 deadly screams:

rippst8 said...

i hope everything will be alright i know it cuz the man or woman upstairs put on us only we what we can handle sometimes it doesn't seen like we can't get thru it be because we are the humans that we are we can over come almost any thing he throws at us. sometimes just take time. and we will been hoping for sarah's quick return and probably stronger and better than every because she overcame what ever it is she is dealing with my prayers are with her. god bless annette