Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another Poetic Offering

Hi everyone, today I'm posting a poem that I wrote a while back. I figured that I would share since it's paranormal related and Halloween is coming soon! Here it is!

Angel Face

My heart starts beating, and
I hear the world outside.
Something shakes my coffin.
Someone's smooth hands run over the wood.
Then more shaking occurs,
And I wonder who this could be.
Should I fear?
Have I been found?
The lid lifts off the coffin,
And what do I see,
But an angel's face come into view
Fear this beauty?
Underneath my flesh
Something shivers inside me.
Now I will taste
Of this sweet girl
Who awoke me.

I'd love to hear what you think!

3 deadly screams:

Gracen Miller said...

I liked it. But I don't think it sounds like an angel--not even a little bit--that this girl has awoken or disturbed from its resting spot.

Sarah Mäkelä said...

She's not an angel, and she hasn't disturbed one, but it meant Angel Face in the endearing terminology way, not the spiritual being way. =)

Gracen Miller said...

Oh, yeah, I got that neither of them were angels. I liked the play with words with the title and the deceptive way it initially led me to believe what the poem was going to be about. I was expecting something sweet. What I got was a sinister feel from him, while there was an air of innocence about her. Although, I figured she probably wasn't too innocent if she was awakening this creature...I'm assuming was a vampire?