Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Please Welcome Guest Author...Angelle Trieste

Thank you for taking the time to interview with us. Angelle's newest release is DEVIL FALLS, which comes out on October 28.

1. When did you know you wanted to write?

ANGELLE: When I was a second year consultant, I knew I wanted to write and make a living doing it. I was good at my job, but I didn't really enjoy the work. Most of my coworkers (and my family too, for that matter) thought I was crazy, but I knew I could write a book. I'd done it once already in high school for my senior project. The question was not writing a book, but writing something that would resonate with readers.

2. How long did it take you to become published?

ANGELLE: About four years since I quit my corporate job to focus on writing.

3. Who do you count as your literary influences?

ANGELLE: Well, "influences"...  [Laughs]  I don't know that I should be answering this question just yet.  But I can give you some authors I love to read.  Alexandre Dumas would be one. It sounds a bit odd coming from a romance writer, but I absolutely loved the action adventure mixed with history in his books. I also adore Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as well.

4. How long does it usually take for you to research a book?

ANGELLE: It really depends on the kind of book I'm writing. I didn't do much research for DEVIL FALLS because I already knew quite a bit about classical music already, and St. Cecilia was loosely based on my time in the Caribbean.

5. Many authors are doing strictly e-books, do you think this is just a trend, or does it spell the end of real books?

ANGELLE: I'm not sure what you mean by the end of real books. Electronic v. print is an odd debate since what people are talking about is the format, not the actual story. If there's no story, how can you have a book, whether it be electronic or otherwise? It's a bit strange that people act as if they’re mutually exclusive choices. You don’t hear people fighting over print v. audio, you know?

6. How long does it take for you to write books?

ANGELLE: Again, this really depends on the project. DEVIL FALLS took about six months. My first single title paranormal romance took a little over a year.

7. Is there any character in your books that you can really relate to?

ANGELLE: I can relate to the heroine Victoria. She grew up in a small town where everyone was watching her (she was the town minister's daughter) and she moved to San Diego when her father passed away to try to create her own destiny.  In some ways, it wasn't until I left my old job that I found what I wanted to do with my life, so that aspect of Victoria made me feel like we're sisters on similar journeys.

8. What advice do you give to those who are just starting out or trying to become published?

ANGELLE: Surround yourself with like-minded people. Don't let negativity get to you. Don't let other people see your rough drafts because any criticism at that point will merely derail your effort.  Also, concentrate on the professional aspects of the job as well as the romantic, alone-behind-a-typewriter struggling artist part.  If you want to be a writing professional, then be professional in your writing.  Write for set times or page counts every day, learn about contracts, don't take rejection letters personally and so on.

9. Do you have any projects you are currently working on?

ANGELLE: Currently my agent and I are getting ready to shop a project titled THE LAST SLAYER, which was written under my other pseudonym, http://www.nadialee.net Nadia Lee. It’s a fast-paced and fun paranormal romance with a smart-mouthed demon huntress, a sexy-as-hell demigod who's sworn to protect her and a superbly politically incorrect incubus king with entitlement issues.

10. Getting back to DEVIL FALLS. Tell us a little about what to expect from it.

ANGELLE:  Great sex, killer breakfasts, a total hottie hero and, of course, a happily ever after.

You can read excerpts http://www.angelletrieste.com/bookshelf/devil-falls here and http://samhainpublishing.com/excerpt/devil-falls here.  (They're two different excerpts.)

11. When and where can we purchase DEVIL FALLS?

ANGELLE: Devil Falls will be on sale on October 28.  You can buy it from Samhain or other ebook retailers, such as Fictionwise, etc.  I have a direct link to Samhain bookstore on http://www.angelletrieste.com/ my website along with http://www.angelletrieste.com/bookshelf/devil-falls extras and behind-the-story materials.

And thank you so much for having me today!

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Gracen Miller said...

Hi, Angelle! *waves* Thanks so much for guest blogging with us today! It was an honor!

Devil Falls sounds interesting. I will most definitely have to place it on my TBR list! Been thinking lately that I need to rearrange the list too. Good luck with the release!

Nadia said...

Thanks, Gracen! :) It was really fun. (Special thanks to Sierra for sending me the questions.)

Nadia said...

Oops...I should've signed that Angelle. LOL.

P.S. I write under two names, and Google always signs me as Nadia by default... >.<