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Please Welcome Author...Terry Spear!!

First off, let me apologize for getting this up so late today. I had planned to get it posted and scheduled for first thing this morning, but between one confusion, the next one and then running off to dentist appointments at 7:30 this morning...well, you get the picture. So, sorry to Terry for the delay and sorry to you all as well. Hope you enjoy!

Now, please welcome author, Terry Spear!


I’m teaching this month about conflict in writing. Whereas in our real lives we don’t want a lot of conflict, in fiction, the more the better! :-)

There’s nothing worse than reading about characters who have no troubles, that everything is perfectly hunky-dory. Nope, got to have conflict. On every page.

My latest release is The Vampire…In My Dreams and here is the blurb that shows some of the conflict they’re in for.

The Witch –

Plain and average Marissa Lakeland doesn’t believe in fate—or vampires. When she and her girlfriend chase after a gorgeous hunk of a guy one dark, misty night to prove he’s truly a vampire, she’s forced to face her worst nightmares—in the flesh. Rather, in the not-quite mortal flesh. So why does the thought of tall, dark, and vampiric appeal to her, when there’s no way a vampire can compel a witch to do his bidding? At least that’s what she’s read in vampiric lore. But lore can be mistaken. Utterly mistaken.

The Prince of Darkness –

As soon as he sees Marissa, fledgling vampire, Dominic Vorchowski, knows that she’s the only one who can save him. Only why does she have to be a witch? Humans are easy to compel, but a witch? Fate has thrown him together with the clever, bewitching teen and if he can gain her trust, he’ll have his life back again. Except for that whole eternal thirst for blood thing. And the fangs. Not to mention the aversion to intense sunlight. In any event, he’ll have his life back as normal as it can be. This time, he’ll not mess with girls he knows nothing about. Especially when he’s set his sights on one tantalizing teen witch, who’s totally off the menu.

The Threat –

Lynetta wants Dominic to replace the lover she lost three hundred years ago, and no witch is going to take her guy away from her. Ancient vampires tend to get really cranky when they don’t get their way. Really cranky. Like three-hundred-years-in-the-making cranking. She’s not just after Dominic’s blood, she wants every bit of the hunk. Time is running out while Dominic and Marissa try to find a way to thwart the vampiress and her blood bonds from winning the battle of the night.

And here is a blurb from Deadly Liaisons, an adult vampire romantic suspense coming November 15.

Dark huntress and rare telepath, Tezra Campbell treads a thin line between being a skilled criminal investigator for the Hunter Council and a renegade. She has an obsessive compulsion to find the vampire who murdered her parents, resulting in severe trauma to her younger sister who’d witnessed the crime a decade earlier.

Prince of the American vampire clans, Daemon, sees Tezra as a danger to herself and to his people if the serial killer vampire terminates her next. He’s also concerned his own brother might be accused of the crime, takes her into custody, and intends to find the killer himself.

Only things don't work out the way either planned, yet both aim to win the deadly game.

I have a conflictive excerpt on The Vampire…In My Dreams shown at:

But Deadly Liaisons is just in final edits, so here’s an excerpt from the opening:

Streetlamps poked scant fingers of light into the gray fog coating the warehouse district, deserted at the ungodly hour. Perfect conditions for another murder.

Unable to slow her racing heart, she feared the renegade vampire would hear the blood whooshing through her veins, begging him to take her life also.

Not far from where she stood, the dried blood of the three policemen murdered last week—their jugulars ripped out—stained the pavement. Too close for comfort. She wanted to move away from the spot, to distance herself from the recent killings, to be anywhere but here.

She peered into the murkiness, straining to see any sign of movement, listening for any human sound. Where the hell was the police officer she was to meet?

Come alone, Officer Stevens had warned. And she’d obeyed. Had to, if she was to learn the bloodsucker’s name. Yet, she couldn’t shake free of the feeling she’d been set up.

Lots of conflict. We want to show it in the beginning, and on every page either in internal or external ways through the story. We want to keep our readers entertained and riveted throughout. So the fun in writing is coming up with new obstacles to place in our characters’ paths. They definitely don’t have an easy time of it when we get hold of them. But hopefully, everything will turn out all right in the end. :-)

One of my students used a real life example in a fictionalized setting showing conflict—fire in the kitchen, 9-1-1 operator with a nonchalant attitude. And that’s a marvelous way to dream up new stories, use real-life conflictive situations you’ve been in and turn it into fiction. Have you had some crisis that could be made into a story? And wouldn’t some say, “Oh, no, that’s just too unreal.”

Thanks to Deadly Vixens for having me. Take a look at my movie video trailers here to see how even in a trailer, conflict is important:
Share with me your thoughts on conflict and you’ll be entered in my giveaway for either Heart of the Wolf, The Vampire…In My Dreams, or Winning the Highlander’s Heart. Your choice. The sequel for Heart of the Wolf, Don’t Cry Wolf, is coming Mar 1st. And I’ve sold the sequel to Winning the Highlander’s Heart, The Accidental Highland Hero. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my posting! :-) Terry Spear,

35 deadly screams:

Judith Leger said...

So true, Terry. Every story has to have conflict to keep it entertaining. Your books sound great. I guess I'm going to have lengthen my TBR list! I love hot vampires!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks, Judy! I have a stack tbr myself and can never get enough! I love hot vampires too...and hmm, werewolf hotties. :)

Lee said...

I love reading romantic suspense, and some of my favorite stories have the hero and heroine working together (not against each other) as a team to fight the big bad or the elements or their family, lol.

Karen said...

I love the idea of having a new obstacle in every scene. External roadblocks are entertaining - but when it comes to internal conflict, some authors seem to rehash the same "my wife left me so I'm never trusting another woman again" line over and over until I'm thinking, "Dude, you really need to get over this."

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Hi Lee, I was worried when I began to write and my hero and heroine's goals were not totally at odds with one another. I agree that great stories can have them working together against the same evil. :)

I agree, Karen!! I was told once that if someone won't ever do something again, it should be as the result of three horrible experiences, rather than one, that finally makes the individual decide he or she doesn't ever want to go through it again. Although, I'm sure in certain circumstances, the horror is great enough, only one dose is needed--such as fighting in a horrific war and ending up in a POW camp, or some such thing and never wanting to don a uniform again. But having a bad experience with a girlfriend or wife and never wanting another? Need some more depth to that. :)

Lynnette Labelle said...

Taking Terry's course is a nice reminder that conflict isn't just about two people arguing, fighting, or trying to kill each other. There's so much more to it than that. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you'll have to take Terry's course to find out. It's worth it!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks, Lynette! You're so right. Ever hear a couple constantly quibble? Not entertaining! Conflict yes, but the irritating kind! :)

Skhye said...

Great post! And excellent excerpt. I have found that the more conflict the better the tale!!! Have a wonderful weekend. Skhye

murrrmaiyd said...

Oh no, my TBR list is already too long... no fair with the interesting book

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Hi Skhye! Thanks so much for dropping by and you have a wonderful weekend too!!

Hey, Mur, our TBR list can never be too long. LOL!! Thank's for commenting!

Amy D said...

Great excerts, Terry. I can't wait to read them. They are on my TBR list - promise. I know they will be great because I've enjoyed everything I've read of yours so far :). I agree with the comments on conflict. As soon as they are too cliche or simple, I lose interest.

PJ von Detweiler said...

Aren't we all glad we don't live the lives we write? The escalation of conflict necessary to fiction would drive most of us quite crazy. Good luck with your books.

Yan said...

Sounds amazing!

I love conflict, it's what keeps me interested in a book. But how the author resolves that conflict is just as important. =)


Cheryl Brooks said...

I tend to leave it to circumstances beyond their control to keep my couples apart, but not for long!
Great post, Terry! The TBR list grows ever higher...

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Hi Amy, thanks, lady!! If you ever need me to send book marks, let me know!

Hey PJ! My life has been full of conflict lately, sale of house, move, mother's been ill after surgery, new job...I definitely believe that conflict should be an important part of FICTION, but for real life...*sigh*, the less the better!

Hi Yan, I agree. The conflict is terrific but how the author takes you on the twisting, turning path to find a happily ever after--hopefully--resolution, is the fun!

Thanks, Cheryl!!! As soon as my life is more manageable, you better believe I'll be getting your next book!

MarnieColette said...

Thanks for the blog... it was very interesting and the blurb about Deadly Liasons definetly got me interested. Now that I think about... a conflict needs to be occuring constantly in a book for it to hold my attention... its just not that fun to read without one.

Cheryl Brooks said...

LOL! I'm beginning to think my life is NEVER going to be more manageable! My husband keeps telling me that the secret to happiness is to live in the NOW. Just wish I could figure out what that means....

Margaret Tanner said...

Great article, without conflict there wouldn't be a story. Vampire stories give me excited shivers. I went to have a pthology test yesterday, I am sure the nurse must have been Dracula's sister, she took so much blood. She was as rough as bags too.
Margaret Tanner

Elaine Cantrell said...

No conflict, no story. I liked your trailers.

Elaine Cantrell

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

hi, Msrnie! Thanks so much about Deadly Liaisons. I really love vampire stories! :) Ever notice when a story bogs down in backstory, or narration? No conflict!

LOL, Cheryl, truly, I don't know how you do it with the kind of work you have. :)

Hi Margaret,
Hmmm, now that would make for a good story...the nurse was really replenishing her stock. :) They had so much trouble finding a new place to stick my mother that she was bruised to kingdom come. Hope it all turns out fine for you. :)

Thanks, Elaine! My teen daughter caught me making the video trailer for Don't Cry Wolf and said, "Aren't you supposed to be writing?" Uhm, I added another picture for the trailer. :) I'm trying to finish Accidental Highland Hero so I can make the trailer for Deadly Liaisons. Found some great stuff for it already! :)

Pam P said...

You do need conflicts, or as Cheryl said, circumstances beyond control, to make the story interesting. In real life, though, I sure would like to do without any.

Looking forward to Deadly Liaisons, Terry, and to the next wolf.

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Well said, Pam!! :) I can't wait for Deadly Liaisons to come out! I've got to revise Forbidden Love, another vampire RS, for Samhain, and Huntress for Hire....I love vampires. :)

Thankfully, after Don't Cry Wolf comes out, the next one, Betrayal of the Wolf, think, naked hunk on beach, will be out in the fall, so not as long a wait. :) Thanks again, Pam! :)

mamasand2 said...

Hi Terry, I love a book with conflict. It adds to the drama and makes for a very memorable story. BUT it has to have a HEA too.

I have been drooling over your upcoming Deadly Liasons, since it hit the coming soon pages. A Telepath and a Vampire should make for a fantastic story.


tetewa said...

I'm always looking for new authors to read and I enjoyed the excerpts! They sound like my kind of reads and I enjoy conflicts also.

blueviolet said...

There has to be some sort of conflict to create interest. Life is not without conflict and although it would be easier without it, it would be ultimately boring.

ddurance said...

I agree with others, you pretty much have to have conflict to have a good story. I have occasionally read a few books that seemed to have too much conflict and that gets tedious after a while, so I guess there is a fine line there.

These sound like wonderful books, Terry.


Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Hi Sandie, Yeah, the cover is to drool over, isn't it??? :) Thanks! Being a telepath, the huntress gets herself into more trouble than she bargained for! Thanks, Sandie!

Hi, Tetewa! I hope you check my stories out!

I so agree, Elizabeth. I think about people who have no conflict in their lives and sometimes I wish my life were more like that. On the other hand, conflict definitely makes for a more memorable existence!!! My most memorable Thanksgiving was when we had a lovely dinner and then moved to the living room to watch a Jackie Lee movie afterwards and started a fire in the chimney that smoked us out, hornets came flying out...sleeting outside, and we had to have every door and window open in the house, plus the fan blowing. LOL. Lots of conflict. I will NEVER forget that Thanksgiving as long as I live!!

Thanks, Deidre! Absolutely. You have to have balance. Too much slow moving stuff is boring, too much conflict will make the readers or viewers numb. Think of a horror slasher movie where the killings go on and on and on. After awhile it gets boring too. So definitely balance is needed. :)

Gretchen said...

Conflict does make a book more interesting. I agree with the above post that is needs to be balanced. I also think that it has to be realistic. I've read a few books that annoyed me because the conflict could have been resolved in the first few chapters if the two main characters tried communication instead of angst.

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Ah, yes, Gretchen. That's another good point--lack of communication, one refuses to listen to the other--I didn't have an affair with her, you just saw me getting something out of her eye...Oh no, I don't want to hear about it...I know you've been sleeping with her.

Right. At that point I'm like, get another girl! If they can't talk to each other like two civil adults at this point, the relationship will never work out!

Gracen Miller said...

I just wanted to say good luck to all the contestants and Happy Monday! I'll announce the winner tomorrow, so be sure to check back to see if you've won!

Gracen Miller said...

Sorry, I didn't post this yesterday. I was sick and didn't even think about posting the winner. Please forgive me. :-(

On to the winner. The winner of Terry Spear's contest is...drum roll....KAREN!

Congratulations, KAREN!

Please contact me at in order to claim your winnings!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Congatulations, Karen! :)

And thanks so much to EVERYONE for dropping by and saying hi!!


Gracen Miller said...


You only have until this Tuesday (4 more days) to claim your prize! On Tuesday I will announce a NEW winner if you have not claimed your prize by Tuesday morning!

Please contact us at to claim your prize!!!

JerryR said...

hey Terry. Thanks for info on conflict. btw, i had a copy of Vampire In My Dreams ebook. It somehow got deleted. Now I'll have to order the print book.

An author with a vivid imagination to tantalize your emotions.

Gracen Miller said...

Alright, since I didn't hear back from last week's winner, a new winner has been picked from the remaining entrants.

So, the winner is....drummmmm rolllllll...MARGARET TANNER!!!!

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