Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday's Poem

I always feel like I should apologize when I post a poem because deep down I do not feel like a poet. I like to dabble with it, create different meters, different rhyming patterns, but overall, I'm just a poet dabbler with no real talent. But I promised a post today for those of you that want to enter the contest for my e-book, The Devil's Den. I wanted something dark and depressing, since it is the month Satan's birthday. *wink* Yeah, I heard that somewhere and laughed over the demonic-ness of October 31st being Satan's birthday. Yeah, right! *rolls eyes* So dramatic sounding.

So, here are the poems I wrote for today...


In a wink
It's gone.
Takes only
a blink.

It's fast.
No cry.
No whimper.
Never last.

It's on.
Lights out.
Darkness descends.
It's gone.

Last beat.
Last gasp.
Last moan.
Reaper greets.



Death awaits when I'm near.
A ghost of the night.
A monster to dread.
A phantom to cause fear.

A creator of death
A lover of life--
Mine and Yours!
Living through your last breath.

Come, come I say to thee
I bestow my lethal
Kiss upon you as
You struggle against me.

Against my lips your artery beats.
Your life spreading through my veins,
I release you to eternal sleep,
And sigh, "Oh, so sweet."

Your salty soul
Thick upon my lips.
My youth enhanced
By the spirit I stole.

Hey, look on the bright side, they were short so you weren't tortured for long. ;-) I hope your last day of the weekend continues to be made of awesome!

Disclaimer (because we don't have a choice): Sorry the poet sucks at poetry. The Deadly Vixens are not responsible for any moans of despair or suffering. Blame the author...*looks about nervously*...WAIT...I am the author! ;-)

© Gracen Miller 2008 **NONE of the sucky poetry may be used without the express consent of Gracen Miller**

1 deadly screams:

Debby said...

It is not a bad poem as poems go.