Thursday, October 23, 2008

Please Welcome Author...Melissa Aires!!

Hi! I’m Melisse Aires and I was invited to blog at Deadly Vixens. Thanks for the opportunity, Gracen.

I write fantasy, futuristic and paranormal romance. I’ve tried to write other romances but something always happens to my plots—people get flung into Magic Forests, or the employer at the new job is a vampire, or the traveling show in the western turns into a front for a mad steampunk scientist.

Such is the writing life. Perhaps my love for the paranormal is due to the plain ordinary life I actually lead. Or maybe it was all those fairy tales and Narnia books I read as a child. Whatever makes my mind work that way is a mystery to me.

My new release from Firedrakes Weyr, Fallen To Earth, has a heroine with a very ordinary and frustrating problem—she is overweight and has tried every diet. Kari finds a weight loss spell and does it. But the magic doesn’t turn out the way she thought it would (or there would be no story!). The spell really does work—it unleashes a famine demon who sucks away most of her body mass.

My hero in Fallen to Earth is a man of fantasy, a Guardian Angel. He looks the part, with long blond hair, six pack abs, and long white feathered wings. Rahmiel is a warrior. He is also an escapee from an Angeli ice prison, and he is not planning to go back. Kari can help him out there, if she’ll agree to a little sex magic…

I hope readers will find Fallen To Earth a small escape from everyday cares.

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Please join me at my website: http://melisseaires/ for an excerpt of Fallen to Earth and check out my yahoo group for publishing, contest info and a free read!
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5 deadly screams:

Molly Daniels said...

Sounds interesting!

Sierra Wolfe said...

Hi Melissa. Your story sounds really interesting. Thanks for blogging with us today. Glad to have you with us.

Gracen Miller said...

Hi, Melissa! Thanks again for blogging with us. Fallen to Earth sounds like a fun read! I loved the idea of doing a spell to lose weight. If only it was that easy. ;-)

Melisse Aires said...

Heehee, you KNOW it can't be that easy! Dern. Thanks again for the invite.

ddurance said...

This sounds intriguing, combining weight-loss and angels. LOL