Monday, October 13, 2008

Bringing characters to life

While my computer is out of commission, I've been working on writing exercises to improve my craft. Since all my works in process are on the computer, I'm not able to work on them, so I decided it was a good time to work on other things.

I've been focusing on my characterization. I've really been focusing on figuring out the different aspects of people's personalities. The way they dress, talk, walk, or whatever. All of that is what makes each one an individual.

It's not an easy task creating well developed characters. It's so easy to fall into stereotypes. But that is not what makes interesting characters. People want to read about characters that leap off the page. They want real lifelike people they can relate to.

I'm taking an online conference this week that I hope will help me with this and other issues that I need to work on. Unfortunately, since the computer is in the shop, I won't be able to participate fully. Hopefully, I can at least print out the important information and use it on my own time to improve my own writing.

Another thing I've done is purchased Debra Dixon's book online. I can't wait to get it in. I've heard so many good things about it. I'm waiting anxiously for it to arrive. In the meantime, I'm trying to read up as much as I can in writing articles.

What do you use to improve your writing? Or what kinds of things do you look for in a book? Share some of your thoughts with me. Do you have any good articles to recommend?

3 deadly screams:

Judith Leger said...

Character development the very hardest for me. I have clear pictures of my characters, their physical appearance and I even have they internal aspects down too. It's putting this on the paper. Transferring the data from brain to screen. I end up not going deep enough in to my character's psychic and thus they fall short of what I imagine them to be. Thanks for posting such a thought invoking question.


Judith Leger said...

Sorry about the mispellings, I'm still half asleep!

Sierra Wolfe said...

Thanks for the comment Judith. I'm glad you liked my post. I'm really glad it was something that got you to thinking. That's a high compliment. Good luck with your writing.

And don't worry about your spelling. This is, after all, a first draft. :D