Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Book of the Week: Acacia I: Abducting Aeron by L. Shannon

Acacia I: Abducting Aeron I love this book!!! Abducting Aeron is a fast read with exceptional character development. The story is a page turner. I didn't even want it to end.

Here is my favorite part:

She shoved Bridget hard again, and then backed out of the water. “I said, you betrayed our father. Dr. Kaven was our father, back here to watch over us!”

Bridget sagged and gasped, “No… it’s not possible.”

“Oh yes! He was our father and he was too afraid to even tell us who he was. He was probably afraid you would hate him for what he was and it turns out he was right. I found the pictures and letters with his things after you turned him over to those butchers.”

The pale shaking pitiful excuse for a sister appeared to finally get just how significantly she’d botched their lives. For a moment Helia even felt sorry for her. “If you want to see his things I have them hidden under my bunk.”

Tears mingled with the water. “I didn’t know. I swear I didn’t know. He was a vampire, and a threat.”

I hightly recommend this book. And here's an exciting part. You can now buy Acacia II: Blindsided.

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