Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hi! This is Tierney. I'm the new Deadly Vixen

Hello everyone,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by. My name is Tierney O’Malley, a new member of The Deadly Vixens. *grinning* Yeah, Sarah, Sierra, and Gracen gave me this great opportunity to join them. Thanks ladies. You’re all awesome.

An hour ago, I wrote a formal letter of introduction. Today is my first time to post as a deadly vixen. I reread the letter about three times looking for grammatical errors, misplaced punctuation or wrong tense. After the fourth edit, I thought, nah, just bag this. Why write a sterling letter of introduction. I’m not applying for a job or trying to impress academicians, schoolmarms, grammarians, and the general public who are obsessed with conceptions of right and wrong in the English language. I thought you ‘d give me a warmer welcome if I introduce myself the way I would if we met at the grocery store, school, or anywhere. Nothing wrong with being casual, right? People respond with ease this way.

In all of my school years, too much emphasis has been placed on the discipline of learning and using the rules of English when speaking and writing. My teachers bombarded us with rules, usages, and taxing supplements of books on grammar to the point that I became inhibited. I delivered speeches, participated in debates without being conscious of any rules at all. Because of that, I missed the thrill of expressing myself freely, of conquering the audience. Luckily, I was able to squash my inferiority complex. How? I told myself to speak up, to write anything naturally. I blasted the mental block (I’m horrible in tenses, bad in grammar, etc.) and started writing. And I succeeded, too. I wouldn’t be blogging right now if I let fear of writing win.

There is magic in words if you can say them exactly the way you want them delivered. I am not saying that you write with absolute disregard of the correct grammar usage. Of course, there should be time for a rewrite. But like my English professor once told me, “Write first. Perfection comes later.” She was right. If you want to write, pen your draft. Don’t be afraid. Unless you learn to say and write what you want, you won’t be able to say anything that is worth saying, or worth reading. If I didn’t overcome the fear of making mistakes, my first story, To Trust A Wicked Man, is probably still languishing in my story folder.

So, Tierney O’Malley here everyone. Waving hi from the Pacific Northwest. I am a published author. My second book, Three Christmas Kisses, will be available for purchase on December 15, 2008 from eXtasy Books. You can find more about my upcoming releases on my website at

I like meeting people and I am so glad you came for a visit. Whether you are a reader or writer, I‘d like to hear from you. :o)

Tierney O’Malley

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Pheebles said...

Welcome Tierney! I enjoyed your intro post a lot. Pleased to meet you.

Debby said...

Hi Tierney, pleased to meet you.

Sierra Wolfe said...

Hey Tierney! Congrats on your first post! I think you're right, casual is better. I know you were nervous, but you did great! Glad to have you aboard.

Cheryl M. said...

Hi Tierney!
Welcome, I think you did a great job as well!

Molly Daniels said...

Welcome to blog, Tierney:) I was writing away one day when my son came up behind me.

" teacher says a paragraph has to have 5 sentences. You're not doing it right."

"English class teaches you the basics. And then you learn you can break most of the rules!" was what I replied!

vagabondsaint said...

Hi Tierney! I'm sure you'll fit right in!


Gracen Miller said...

Welcome to our spidery web, Tierney! *evil laugh* Once you're caught in it, there's no escaping it. lol That sounded a bit creepy. ;-)

I agree with you. In the beginning of my writing, I tried to stick with the rules I had learned. It didn't take long for me to toss them out the window and become a rebel! =) It was liberating and I think that's when my writing flourished. Rules are made to be I'm told.

Glad to have you! I thought your first post was awesome. And there's no need to be formal with us. We're all family. =)

Sarah Mäkelä said...

Hi Tierney! Great blog! :)

I struggled with my writing quite a bit at first, trying to make it be perfect and fit the rules as well. All it did was make the writing seem stilted and stiff. Now I have more confidence in my writing!

It's great to have you here with us. *HUGS* =)

Tierney O'Malley said...

Yey! Thank you for the warm welcome.

Pheebles,glad you enjoyed my post.

Debby, pleasure to meet you. Thanks for posting.

Molly, Oh my god! My kids always come to me asking if their homework is right because "Mommy is a writer." :D And then they would look at me as if I am god with super power to make their homework super right. *snort* Once, my daughter asked me to fix her essay. I did. But the dang kid didn't like it. She said,"Mom, my essay is about our camping experience not a romantic meeting with a lover. What's up with 'the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet?'" LOL. My husband laughed. He said, "watch out for Fabio. He'll come out of the woods with his white shirt unbuttoned."

Hey, Pandem! Nice chatting with you the other day.

Gracen, I thought about using this title for my blog, Tierney on Liberation. But someone might thing I write without my bra on.*snort* I need another cup of coffee.

Sierra, nervous? I was growling with my kids like an old bear with a hip dysplacia. :P Thinking about what to post was nerve-wracking. Thanks Sierra. *hugs*

Hey Sarah, thanks for the gab the other day. I told my kids about your kittens. They want your babies! Silly girls.