Thursday, November 20, 2008

Please Welcome Author...Terry Spear!!

Victorian Sex for Werewolves?

Sex Tips for Husbands and Wives was penned by Ruth Smythers, a vicar's wife, in 1894. In this work, she talked about how a wife should limit sex to two brief encounters during the week. Sex should be given reluctantly or the husband would expect a sexual orgy too often. Unclothed bodies should not be seen, and lights should always be turned off. And the best, the wife should be perfectly still or her husband might think she was excited to participate and was encouraging the encounter. Fight with your husband before bedtime to discourage sex.

Ah, I’m so glad my werewolves, though the first story starts in the 1800’s, were not prudish Victorians, who listened to vicar’s wives. :) The fewer clothes, the better. Speaking of werewolves, HEART OF THE WOLF made Publishers Weekly’s BEST OF BOOKS OF THE YEAR for mass category, one of five books listed!!!

And the next three wolf tales will be out next year also! None of the characters in these books believe in Ruth Smythers’s concept of how a husband and wife should behave toward each in the bedroom.

Brief sexual encounters are discouraged. The more, the longer, the better. Movement in bed is encouraged. Lights on or off don’t matter since werewolves can see in the dark. Unclothed bodies are the rule. Sexual orgies with their mates are heartily expected.. Fighting with a mate is to occur AFTER sex, not before, so that by the time they’re ready for the act again, they’re really ready.

So what do you think? Do we have it better???

Terry Spear
Heart of the Wolf, PW’s BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR

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Disclaimer (because we don't have a choice): The views expressed by the guest blogger do not necessarily reflect those of The Deadly Vixens.

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Sierra Wolfe said...

We most definitely have it better. Thanks for sharing that little tidbit about the vicars wife. It was hilarious! Congrats on your book being the best!! That's great!

Sarah Mäkelä said...

I agree with Sierra. Hot, passionate sex is the best. That was really interesting though, and I know that I've heard of Ruth Smythers, I think I learned about her in one of my world literature classes in college.

We're so happy to have you guest blog with us. Congrats on the Publisher's Weekly Best of Books of the Year!!! Hooray!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks, Sierra and Sarah! :) That's funny about hearing about her in world literature class in college. In my lit classes we had to stick with Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Mark Twain, and other classics. Now, if we'd had this kind of lit to read, what fun! :) LOL

Thanks on PW's Best Books of the Year...I announced it at a woman's luncheon yesterday. Some thought it was great. A lot didn't have a clue how great that really is! :) I was so excited, I forgot to tell the group my name. LOL!!!

Molly Daniels said...

OMG we soooooooo have it better!

At a recent wedding, a man got up and read an article written around 1900 about how a wife should behave. It included having dinner on the table when the man came home, and always looking your best, even to the point of getting redressed before he comes home! The bride rolled her eyes and whispered sarcastic comments to her new hubby! The rest of us were laughing hysterically!

Tierney O'Malley said...

I read about Ruth Smythers sex tips only two days ago. A very interesting and funny article. Glad I am a woman of today. :) Free to move, speak, and express my self. Do we have it better? Heck yes.
Congrats on your book's success.

Tierney O'Malley

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Molly,too funny! :) Glad she set her new hubby straight in the event he thought otherwise! :)

Hey, Tierney! I so agree! And thanks on the book!! :)

Gracen Miller said...

We definitely have it better! No doubt about that! I like the feel of skin-to-skin contact too much and to be still, do not enjoy it, do not encourage it...What was she thinking????!!!!!

When reading this, Terry, I was chuckling and horrified at the same time. We really have changed as a society and, in this instance, for the better in my opinion.

Cheryl M. said...

It's hard to believe that the Victorians actually got around to reproducing at all, thank goodness that period of history is long over!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

I so agree, Gracen!

And Cheryl, yes, how did it ever happen?? LOL

Debby said...

The Vistorian era was indeed different. We do have it better today. Thanks so much for posting such an interesting entry

Karen Johnson said...

I'm stunned to know that a book was actually written on the topic. I'm so glad those 'rules' don't apply now! I agree with Cheryl, how did victorians get around to even reproducing?

ddurance said...

Oh yeah! We definitely have it better. Imagine having to take all those clothes off too. You'd probably out of the mood by the time they were all off. LOL


Gracen Miller said...

I plugged everyone's name into's list randomizer and allowed it to pick the winner for Terry's book.

And the winner is.....drum rollllll......DEBBY!!!!

Please contact us at to claim your prize!

Sorry this was posted so late. I'm preparing to travel out of town for the holidays and just realized at 11:20 this evening that today WAS Tuesday. YIKES! The two days in this week has been super crazy!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!