Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How do you handle the wait?

Since Sierra covered rejection on Monday, and Tierney talked about rejections a few weeks ago, I figured I'd talk about something else authors deal with during the submission process... waiting... and waiting... and waiting some more... So, my question that I pose is How do you handle the wait?

I tend to try to forget about the submission, but hope that it gets a speedy "congrats, you've been accepted" or "sorry, well-written, but not for us" (which I've gotten many of). Rejections sting, but I realize that what doesn't work for one editor or agent, another agent or editor can fall in love with. I'm of the mind to shop a story to several agents and/or editors, then if they're all passing, there's probably a problem.

Anyways... wow, got sidetracked there. I currently have a couple of submissions out, so I'm in the stage of waiting. What I've been doing is working on editing one novel while working on the sequel. I haven't thought about the submissions too much, but when I do, I'm not immune to thoughts of wondering what they think, or if they've even gotten to it yet. Working on the next book is probably the most important thing an author can do, since that's what we do... we write books. That's the way we hone our skills.

So, your turn to answer the question. I'd love to hear what y'all have to say about this subject.

8 deadly screams:

Pheebles said...

I just work on something else, and try to forget about the submission. It's not easy, but I find if I keep busy the time goes faster.

Margay said...

Sarah, I agree with you. The best thing for a writer to do while waiting is to write - and keep submitting. Always have something in the works because you never know what might capture an agent's attention. So Book #1 wasn't right for them - Book #2 might be. You can always re-sub the first book when you're signed on.

Molly Daniels said...

Ditto. Twiddling the thumbs doesn't make the time go any faster, and neither does checking your inbox every hour! Read some good books; start your next project, or focus on something else. It is out of your hands and beyond your control, so why obsess over it?

(This coming from an author who is biting her nails, waiting for word on her own submission, ha ha! But goes on:)

Sarah Mäkelä said...

Pheebles, that is so true! Time does pass by more quickly when I work on something different while waiting for response.

Margay, I completely agree. I've heard of several authors who had their first and second books rejected by everyone, but the third or fourth or fifth book really hooked an editor or agent, then they could go back and send the other books since they had someone interested.

Molly, I check my email a decent amount (though, I'm not obsessive), especially as the editor/agent's self-imposed timeline for response comes closer. I really agree. The submission is beyond an author's control, so we should just keep trying to do the best we can.

Tierney O'Malley said...

Go to mall. Shop, have a pedicure or manicure. Buy bags of Oreos and cases of Diet Coke---Oh, wait! You're not asking about what to do when you're depressed. Silly me. Just being goofy here, Sarah.
Yup, there is nothing we can do once we hit that send button but wait. Although, you can make the wait productive by attacking another ms. Write. Take your mind to another world. Immerse yourself in a hot engaging story. Or chat with me! :D
I use to bite my fingernails while waiting. Now I bite Oreo cookies. Teeheee


Sarah Mäkelä said...

LOL! I love Double Stuft Oreos... mmmm!! Great tips for keeping occupied while waiting on submissions, Tierney. :D

Tierney said...

"Go to mall." Heh heh. Next time I'll use the preview before I submit my comments. :D

I forgot to mention Dibs Ice Cream!


Sarah Mäkelä said...

Go to mall is fine. =P It read a little like a to-do list. Go to mall, eat oreos, bite nails, drink Diet Coke. Bwahaha! :D

Ice cream is good, too. I like ice cream.