Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Musical Inspiration

Music has always played an important part of my life. So, it fit that my debut release, Melody of Love, dealt with the music industry. It also was a lot of fun to write. It’s not uncommon in my household for someone to break into song at any given moment, whether human or feline.

When I'm at my computer, I'm almost always can be found with my headphones on. I rarely write without a "soundtrack" to the novel. Most of the time with a band that seems to portray a mood or emotion that resonates with the novel or even a specific character. I have gotten more ideas from listening to music than almost any other source, and in this way, it's almost like a muse to me. I love all kinds of music. It merely depends on the mood I’m in at the time.

The hero for Melody of Love came through listening to a band I was crazy about at the time called Trapt. Ever since I started going to concerts when I was pretty much in middle school/jr. high school, I've wondered what if I could one day meet my favorite singer, and what would happen if he happened to fall in love with me. The story brewed in my head for several months, while I consumed the band's music, focusing on the lyrics and relating them to my story idea, as if Alex Brown, the hero, was talking to me.

Finally, I wrote out the outline, which happened to be the first one I ever outlined, and the book came together in one month as a steady flow of words. The outlining helped a lot, but I also believe that just having the creative input of music helped ideas to keep soaking into my subconscious.

As I said last week, I'll give a little more information on my last post, but not too much! My website is fully up and running with it's wonderful new design and layout. My blog also had a spectacular makeover, so make sure to let me know what you think! It's absolutely gorgeous and means a lot to me since it reflects aspects of my Urban Fantasy novels that I can't really tell about or it would be a big spoiler. Also, the full request was on my novella, Night of the Tiger, about a Siberian weretiger who falls in love with an Amazon Princess. I can't wait for it to get a home, since it was such a fun story to write.

And to finish up my blog, I want to ask you guys, does music have as much influence in your writing as it does for me? If not, what inspires you while you're writing or pursuing creative endeavors?

2 deadly screams:

Tierney said...

Hey Sarah!

Great job of the website. Like the color, too. So where can I meet that hunk on the header? He should be enough to inspire you to write. LOL

Call me crazy, but here's a secret. I have Pride and Prejudice in my drive (with Matthew MacFadyen and Kiera Knightly). Don't know how long it's been there. The soundtract in the movie is my inspiration, the scenery puts me in the mood to create love scenes. When I watch the movie, I always imagine myself being there and I get inspired. What did I do before the movie was released? I read a lot and listened to Jim Morrison's CD. Oh, and Creedence Clearwater.

Congrats on the request. You go, you go, you go. :D


Sarah Mäkelä said...

Thanks for the comment, Tierney! I love the hunk in the header, too. You'll be able to meet him in my urban fantasy series. =P Yumm yumm!