Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gracen Miller's ramblings on Haunted Houses

We’ve all grown up with stories of haunted houses or haunted dormitories or haunted areas—something haunted anyway. The city I grew up in had a local legend about a bridge. If one went to it at night, the ghosts of those that had driven off the bridge would haunt the place. Personally, I went necking down there with my boyfriend and I didn’t see anything. Nope, nothing! So much for a legend, huh? Or maybe I was too consumed with kissing the boyfriend to notice any ghosts had they been haunting the place. =)

The term “haunted houses” brings to mind my personal experiences though. I’ve mentioned before that I grew up in a house that, while not necessarily haunted, it had a spirit of some sort living with us in perfect harmony. A lot of times I often felt protected and loved by that spirit. I mentioned my father’s house where the spirit of what I believe to be my great-grandfather haunts the place. I really believe that was a haunting. The feeling was so intense, so vile and aggressive, whatever was there wanted us gone. Or that was the way I interpreted it.

I have a girlfriend (I’ll call her Nicole) who bought a home with her husband. It was a beautiful piece of property, twenty-five acres, with an older fixer-up home. The home was so old it had a well built on the corner of the front porch. It was cool, a neat little piece of history with the way things once were done. I can’t even imagine having to draw my water out of it just to meet the basic necessary needs. But after having kids I see the danger in it too. The place had oodles of potential and best of all it was away from the big city. It was so quiet and peaceful.

My first visit there, I came home telling my husband the place had a ghost. Everywhere I went, I felt like I was being watched. I never felt any hostility, but more curiosity. Daytime or nighttime, it didn’t matter, some unseen presence was watching. From inside the home to the shed in the backyard, something was always watching. The only time I could truly get away from the presence was when we would ride the four-wheelers across the back part of the property and woods.

I didn’t realize until we visited for a Halloween party a couple of months later that Nicole had purchased the home from an estate after the previous owner, an elderly woman, had passed away in it. It was like the light-bulb went off in my head—a V8 moment—where I thought ‘that is why I’m feeling those hidden eyes’. Another weekend I was there goofing off with Nicole and her mother, Jill, when Jill started talking about her conversations with the spirit of the woman who once owned the house! I got chills!! My eyes even watered! To have my feelings and thoughts confirmed was exciting. I went home that night and told my husband, “I told you so!” His reply was that I wasn’t the only crazy person in the world. ;-)

I’d love to hear your comments. And we’d love for you to come by the The Deadly Vixens Yahoo Group and tell us about your own "haunted house" experiences and stories! =)

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I hope everyone has a wonderful week! And wish my boys good luck this weekend; they are competing at a karate tournament! – Gracen Miller

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Sierra Wolfe said...

Gracen, great post! I loved the haunted house story and the bridge too. I'd love to go see those places, they sound so interesting and full of personality. Thanks for sharing!


Steve said...

Spooky story about the house. Whenever I hear of haunted brides it makes me think of the Bunny man Bridge. I only heard about it quite recently, and it's a creepy ol' tale. If you haven't heard that one just google it, there is loads of info about it online.

Gracen Miller said...

Thanks for posting a reply, Steve! I'll have to check out the Bunny Man Bridge. I've never heard of it before. It sounds interesting and rather "non" scary with "Bunny" in the line. But I'm interested now and I know names can be deceiving. =) Besides I kind of figure "Bunny" isn't refering to the Easter Bunny. LOL!

Thanks again for the info and for commenting.

Sarah said...

Great blog! That is pretty creepy! I think it'd be cool to see a ghost. LOL That's really cool about the bridge and the house, and Steve, I'm definitely going to check out the Bunny Man Bridge. I agree with Gracen that it doesn't sound like it should be scary, but that makes it all the more exciting to see what it's about!