Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Through your mortality I live
Stealing carnal nourishment
Feasting upon the soul you give
Alive! Beyond earthly bounds

With life, you pulse
You tease with warm, soft skin
My need results
You are forever mine

I swell with your alluring scent
Mind exploding, chest heaving
Your offering is my intent
Senses reeling, I take you

With love, I give my immortal kiss
My bloody embrace
Transcends you with waves of tainted bliss
My arms caress death

Your life explodes around me
On memories and emotions I feast
Revealed for my eyes to see
To know you and love you intimately

His blood mixed with mine
In death, I awoke
Trapped for all of time
In immortality

Copyright © 2007 Gracen Miller
Legal Notice: This poem is copyrighted. None of it may be reproduced or used in anyway whatsoever (including, but not limited to, copying and printing) without the express written consent of the author, Gracen Miller.

I’d love to hear your comments on this poem. Tell me what you think this poem is about? I thought it was pretty simple, but obviously not because I’ve had differing opinions, so I’m interested in what you think.

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3 deadly screams:

ddurance said...

This is very darkly beautiful, so it would seem that you're not only a writer but a poet. My first obvious thought is that this is the kiss of death or immortality from a vampire. What kind of mixed opinions have you received? I think it is wonderful. I don't tolerate all poetry, but this is something that I could definitely read more of.

Sarah said...

AWESOME poem! I really, really enjoyed it. You are definitely skilled with poetry! Wow! Keep it up! Wooohooo!

Sierra Wolfe said...

Nice poem Gracen! Thanks for sharing it with us. It was a treat.