Friday, April 25, 2008

Sarah Mäkelä on Haunted Houses

Would I stay in a haunted house? You bet! I agree with Sierra about not wanting to be near a maleviolent ghost though. I wouldn't want it to start trying to hurt me.

I watched Supernatural last night and they were dealing with the haunted house topic. (I love Supernatural, and if Sam and Dean were there in the haunted house with me, I would certainly go stay wherever they were. LOL) The ghost they dealt with was freaky, and I would not stay in that house by myself! I have been on ghost tours, and I've heard from others who have seen ghosts, but I'm not really afraid of them though I haven't been able to see anything firsthand.

Earlier this week in some of the comments, some of us were talking how much fun it would be to stay in a haunted house together, but then again, we'd probably end up having so much fun that we would miss the ghost altogether! I think I'd end up going just to see if there was a ghost in the haunted house, and to see if I could see it.

Well, make sure to leave me a comment! I hope y'all have a great weekend.

2 deadly screams:

Sierra Wolfe said...

Hehe, I'm there with you Sarah! We would have a blast. Hopefully, we wouldn't miss the ghost, but I bet you're right and we would totally miss it. At any rate, it'd be fun to find out.

Sarah said...

LOL! Yay! So, I reckon we're planning this trip already! Woohoo! We can use it as writer research! :D Thanks for your comment!