Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our First Contest!

Welcome to the first of our weekly contests on The Deadly Vixens blog. As a special treat because it’s our first contest we will have two lucky winners this week. All you have to do is answer a question. The answer can be found in my blog post for this week. The winners will receive one of the following ebooks free.

Diane Taylor's Wassail Woes or Diane Taylor's MerLion's Pleasure
Thanks to Diane, our guest blogger this week, for giving us copies of her ebooks to give away.

All right, are you ready? Here’s the question we want an answer to….

What did Sierra hear at midnight on the farm where she grew up?

Be sure to comment on today's blog with your answers so that you can be entered in a drawing to win one of the prizes. If you have a preference of which book you’d rather receive, please list it also. However, we cannot guarantee that will be the book you win. In the case that both winners choose the same book, we will randomly select the book to send.

Winners will be announced on Sunday. Be sure to check back and see who the lucky winners are.
If your name is drawn as the winner, you will need to email us at to claim your prize. Include your email address when you claim your prize to ensure delivery. If prizes are not claimed within one week of drawing, new winners will be chosen from remaining entries.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

4 deadly screams:

Caitlin Hoy said...

Sierra swore she and her friend heard the old blades of a saw mill that was rumored to be haunted and was premiered in a ghost story they knew. Hope thats what you wanted me to do to answer the question as well as a good enough explanation for the answer.

Caffey said...

It didn't say from what book or author to look, so I'm gonna check them all! I'm just so thrilled to be here!! I shall be back!

Caffey said...

I can't find Diana Taylor's site from a search :( I do remember WASSAIL WOES and MAJESTIC LION. But I'm thrilled to hear that a new book is out! MERLION'S PLEASURE. I'd love to be in the contest for that! So as soon as I know what book, publisher, author and all, I can go read the excerpt! Thanks.

Sierra Wolfe said...

Hi Caffey,

The answer to our question is right here on this blog. As far as I know, the question will always come from the blog. If it doesn't you will hear otherwise. There are 3 regular bloggers on this site: Gracen Miller, Sarah Makela, and Sierra Wolfe (me). We plan to ask a question about one of our blogs each week in order to win the contest, and we'll state which one of us we're asking about in the question. The question this week was about one of my (Sierra's) posts. Thanks for reading the blogs and trying to find the answer. Be sure to check back each Saturday for a new question.