Friday, April 11, 2008

Things that go bump ALL DAY LONG!!

Ghosts! That seems to be the topic for the week, so I’ll stick with it. But they don't go bump only at night in my house.

Unlike my counterparts, I have had supernatural experiences. Many of them, none of which are ever centered around one place or one event. Paranormal central – that’s my life. I mentioned on The Deadly Vixens forum that I had seen my great-grandfather at my dad’s house with my stepmother in the form of a white t-shirt. The only visible part of this apparition was the white t-shirt. There was no arms, no legs, no head, absolutely nothing. That has been the only real apparition I’ve seen.

Mostly I simply sense that there is another unseen presence about. I’ve watched doors open, balls of white light appear and disappear, I’ve felt the cold chill of prickles skimming my skin and knowing without a doubt that someone was watching me when I was completely alone. I have never felt the so-called “cold spots” off the ghost hunting shows. I have ghosts come to me in my dreams...a lot, way more than I would like. The last girl that came was beautiful and young, but I sent her away, refusing to listen to anything she had. I felt terribly guilty the next morning and I still wonder what she had to say. But if I don’t send them away, they interrupt my sleep and I do not get any rest.

I think this ability has been passed to my oldest son. As a small child he would see people that were not there all the time. One night, he was standing at our bay window overlooking our driveway and asked if “they” could come in and play. I was thinking maybe someone was outside, so I went to the window and peered out. No one. When I told him no one was there, he proceeded to point and tell me that they were right there, “a black man and a white mine.” They wanted to come in and play with him. I wanted to say “hell, no!”. Instead, I calmly told him that they were not allowed to come in and play. My logical thinking was that maybe they were similar to vampires and couldn’t come into my home without an express invitation. No way was I expressly inviting them into the home.

That was only one of several incidents with my son. He saw people all the time. He told an invisible man to get out of our apartment repeatedly; I believe that same invisible man pushed him out of bed once. That apartment had the creepiest feel to it, with a distinct hostile undertone.

He had imaginary friends and dogs that he named. The imaginary friends were with him all the time. He talked to them as if they were real people right there with him. They would ride in the car with us, eat at the table with us, sit on the couch and sleep in our beds. Sometimes I thought enough was enough. One time I was scolding my son and he told me that his imaginary friend, who was named Jacob Trent, said he didn’t like me very much some days. I told him that his friend Jacob Trent was welcome to go home if he didn’t approve of me. I laughed about it later, of course, because my son was dead serious. Now, if you haven’t figured it out already, I am one of those people that strongly believes “imaginary friends” are none other than ghosts. Believe me when I say the things my son and his imaginary friends came up with required an imagination. My son has never had much of an imagination.

Scariest of all, there was a week out of the blue that my son would cry about going up to his bedroom because he was scared of the man in his room. He had never given us trouble before about sleeping in his room, so the suddenness of it was strange. When we tried to explain that no one was in his bedroom, he insisted that there was and that the man had green hair and red eyes and he would stare at him from over his bed. I took that child to church the following Sunday! I don’t know what the man was, but he never messed with my son again.

This is the tip of the iceberg for me. I could write another ten pages, but I’ll end my blog here. Leave me some comments! Even if you think I’m one crazy gal, tell me; my husband does often and I won’t be offended.

And don’t forget, we’d love for you to come by the The Deadly Vixens Yahoo Group and tell us about your own supernatural experiences! =)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

3 deadly screams:

Sierra Wolfe said...

Fantastic post Gracen! Loved the stories. I wouldn't like the green haired man either. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.


Sarah said...

Whoa! Great post, Gracen! That's amazing. The green haired and red-eyed man sounds really scary. I would have rather slept on the couch than to have been in the room with him!

Marko-Bob said...

Really, really nice post Gracen! Having a green haired man in the bedroom is definitely creepy, to say the least. (*shrugs*) Really nice post.