Sunday, April 27, 2008

Innocence Lost- A Poem by Sierra

We've changed our story day to Sunday now to allow more time for responses to our Saturday contests. From now on, the story/poem that we post will be on Sunday and the contest winners will be announced on Tuesday. This will allow more people the chance to enter. So, without further ado, this week we are posting a poem written by Sierra.

Innocence Lost
by Sierra Wolfe

Monsters hide within my head
As if under a small child's bed
Only for me they do not go
As I get older, as I grow

They come and go without regret
To remind me of tales I can't forget
The secrets they share, utter truth
Horrors from my long gone youth

Wounds my mind tries to bury
Heavy weights my heart must carry
A trusted friend with shielded eyes
Whispering to me with sweetened lies

Fisted hands, as threatening dares
Mocking words that no one cares
Bruises long since healed on skin
Where no one knows they've ever been

Time has gone, years have flown
My mind has stilled, my body grown
A little girl, innocence lost
Was payment of the highest cost

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