Thursday, April 10, 2008

Please welcome Firedrakes Weyr Author, Diane Taylor!

Diane Taylor

Hi All!

Forgive me if I actually sound like I’m babbling. This is my first Guest Blog and I’m here to talk about my writing and the genre I write in.

What is an E-Book?
I get this every time I tell them about what I write. The answer is, an E-Book is simply a paperback that is in electronic form. It has everything a paperback has, including cover art, author bio and actual pages. It just hasn’t been printed.

For me, it’s the ultimate job. I get to work at home, or wherever I feel like it because I have a laptop. I can set my own hours, go online and chat, take the coffee breaks I want, and I don’t have to worry about a boss looking over my shoulder every half hour to see if I’m doing work or just goofing off. Heh, to me, this is FUN and it allows me to dive into the most remote areas of the internet to find that one little tidbit of info that will actually tie a storyline together.

As to what I write? Well, it’s called Paranormal Romance. Basically, I write about things that go bump in the night… and the women who love them. Think Vampires, Werewolves, time travel, ghosts, Gods and Goddesses, ect. Add a touch of adventure and romance into the mix and you’ll be on the right track. It’s the one genre that the only limitations are the ones you put on your own imagination.

For instance, a single grain of rice can, with a little imagination, become the one trigger that will cause the total destruction of the Earth and open the gates to the Nightmare of Hell, destroying everything mankind ever thought was… well, you get the idea. That grain of rice is tucked into a locket and is hanging around the neck of a woman who has no idea what she truly has. And the only one who can keep the bad guys from taking this woman is a Guardian. Well, actually, in my story he’s a were-dragon who masquerades as a bodyguard. Unfortunately, the lady hero’s reaction to Mr. Bodyguard is a swift kick in the gonads and a fist across the jaw.

You see, I really hate the old fashioned romance novels. You know the ones, where the lady gazes blindly into the hero’s eyes and instantly becomes a brainless airhead. No, I prefer to make the guy work for it. *evil grin* It’s so much more FUN that way. That’s the beauty of writing your own stories. You can do what you want.

Now comes the fun part. Promotions. I have two out:

Wassail Woes

Jeri Butler is a Druid Pagan, making Wassail on the night before Christmas eve. She's a Solitary, who had just put the Mistletoe over the entryway of her home, and had just settled down to do some programming work on her laptop for her job, when a loud sound is heard out front. Opening the door, she comes face to face with, oh my, Kris Odinsen.

He's crashed his bike and has a twisted foot to boot. White Hair and ice blue eye, since the other is covered with an eye-patch.

Now, the sparks fly and come to find out. Odin has taken a holiday from Valhalla.

The next morning, her strict Catholic parents show up uninvited and unannounced to find this sexy biker in the living room, Jeri in a Bah Humbug T-Shirt and jeans, and…a big pot of really good smelling Wassail boiling merrily away on the stove.


MerLion’s Pleasure

What happens when you mix a woman bent on Maritime History and and the ghost of an Irish Pirate in Greece?

Absolute Mayhem!

Teresa Lorence is a Thesis away from gaining her Doctorate in Maritime History. Through a friend of a friend, she gets to fly to Greece for some experience in building a Pirate Vessel. The moment she boards the plane from New Orleans, she is dropped squarely in the middle of a mystery. First is the package containing an ancient map and a note signed only with the MM, then the tales of a ship called the MerLion that sales the Mediteranean and the ghostly stud muffin that suddenly appeared in the Captain's cabin, demanding an explanation.

From there, the mystery deepens, widens, and becomes more complicated than the Seven Seas combined. Through it all, Teresa is drawn to the Handsome ghost who she now knows as the MerLion himself. Has Fate brought them together, only to be ripped apart by Death itself? Come aboard, open the book, and let your imagine sail you into the adventure of a lifetime!

The MerLion’s Pleasure was inspired by watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3 too many times. And it’s set in Greece, not the Carib.

Thanks for taking the time to blog with us today, Diane! =) On Saturday, The Deadly Vixens will be giving away a copy of Diane's book MerLion's Pleasure and possibly Wassail Woes! Stop by for your chance to win!

The Deadly Vixens

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the guest blogger do not necessarily reflect those of The Deadly Vixens.

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Sierra Wolfe said...

Hi Diane. Thanks so much for blogging with The Deadly Vixens today. We're really exited to have you here. Great post!! I really loved your description of paranormal writing and loved the grain of rice idea! You're books sound great. The first one sounds hilarious the predicament she's in. I can just imagine the look on her face, LOL. The second one has me fanning myself for sure. Whew! Hot ghostly pirate, yum! Good luck on your books and stories to come. Hope you can join us again sometime.


Gracen Miller said...

Hi, Diane! Riveting post, you did a nice job keeping us captivated. We were excited to have you with us and we hope you can join us Vixens again.

Sarah said...

Great blog, Diane! I really agree that Paranormal Romance is almost limitless! That is the beauty of it in my opinion! Thanks so much for guest blogging with us! It is so appreciated! Hopefully you can guest blog with us again sometime! =) Yay!