Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Continuing on with the discussion topic of the week, revisions for me are intense. They tend to take me a long time to complete, and it depends on my mood of if I'm up to working on them. As I've done it more, it's gotten easier, especially after having to go through all of the edits for Melody of Love. With that novel, I felt like I wanted to pull my hair out since it was so intimidating to go through and revise it. I much prefer writing some days, but there are the occasional days that I prefer to edit since I'm working with something already there as opposed to creating something. Editing and writing utilize different parts of the brain and it's interesting because I notice that once I get into the groove of one that doing the other is more challenging.

I usually print out the entire story and then read over the work again and do line edits as I go. With Melody of Love, I learned a way that helped me get through the novel fairly easily. I listened to it with the help of a text to speech program called ReadPlease. I know that people say reading your work outloud is helpful, and I've tried it, but I don't feel comfortable doing so. Listening to it, even though the voices can be rather metallic, was able to do something similar for me in catching the different sentence structure errors and so on.

I can be pretty nitpicky of my own work and sometimes I have trouble seeing the positive points in it, which is pretty much the time in which I give it over to my critique partners. Even with my own knowledge of the English language, I miss things, too.

So! Leave me a comment and tell me about things that help you with the revision process.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4/29/08 Contest Winner Announced!

And the winner is....drum roll please....MOLLY DANIELS! Congratulations, Molly, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Kelsey & Rippst8, both of you are eligible to receive bookmarks if you're interested!

Molly, please claim your prize by emailing us at and telling us in what format you wish to receive the e-book of The Devil's Den. Kelsey & Rippst8, if you're interested in the bookmarks, e-mail us with your mailing address and I'll get them out in the mail this week. I will NOT retain your mailing address.

Everyone provided the correct answer to the question posted. Thanks to all of you that participated in the contest. We hope you will join us next week for our weekly contest.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Revising our Work

This week, we’ve decided to write about our writing. After a discussion about the difficulty we are each having with revising our works in process, we decided it would make a good topic for our blog. So here we go.

I have been having a terrible time lately with revision. I’ve gone through my complete manuscript once so far and no matter what I do, it just doesn’t sound good enough. I know it’s probably a personal problem, everyone else who has read some of it has stated that it doesn’t sound bad. But to me, it still does. I know I have several more drafts ahead of me, I just hope that I can be happy with the results.

I’m probably trying to be a perfectionist. I don’t know why, because I’m not a perfectionist in everything. But when it comes to my work, I want it to be the best that I can make it. I want to write a story that my readers can enjoy. One that they can get lost in and not be pulled out due to poor writing.

So I’ve been working really hard trying to make it the best that I can. I rely on my wonderful critique partners to help me with this. I don’t know what I would do without someone else helping. After a while, when you read the story over and over, you start to lose the ability to see it for what it is. That’s when someone can come in with fresh eyes and give you an honest opinion. Without that, I’d never be able to finish.

I’m ready to turn over my story to them and let them cut it up. I hope they find all the mistakes that I’ve made and help me to polish it until it shines. Once that is finished, I will fix my errors and edit it one more time before I finally send it off to find a home.

I know that everyone goes through this. Hopefully, I will get better the more I do it. But for now, this is my process. I’d love to hear your comments on what you do when you revise. What do you look for? Or if you are a reader, what pulls you out of a story? What are the worst offenses you’ve noticed writers make? Post a comment and let me know what you think.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Innocence Lost- A Poem by Sierra

We've changed our story day to Sunday now to allow more time for responses to our Saturday contests. From now on, the story/poem that we post will be on Sunday and the contest winners will be announced on Tuesday. This will allow more people the chance to enter. So, without further ado, this week we are posting a poem written by Sierra.

Innocence Lost
by Sierra Wolfe

Monsters hide within my head
As if under a small child's bed
Only for me they do not go
As I get older, as I grow

They come and go without regret
To remind me of tales I can't forget
The secrets they share, utter truth
Horrors from my long gone youth

Wounds my mind tries to bury
Heavy weights my heart must carry
A trusted friend with shielded eyes
Whispering to me with sweetened lies

Fisted hands, as threatening dares
Mocking words that no one cares
Bruises long since healed on skin
Where no one knows they've ever been

Time has gone, years have flown
My mind has stilled, my body grown
A little girl, innocence lost
Was payment of the highest cost

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Welcome to The Deadly Vixens' weekly contest!

In order to win, all you have to do is answer a question from "Gracen Miller's ramblings on Haunted Houses" blog, posted Wednesday, April 23, 2008. The winner will receive a copy of Gracen's e-book, THE DEVIL'S DEN. (Just be forewarned that this book is not for the meek or mild. It contains violence and forced sex. So no screaming at Gracen if you win and you decide this book is too hardcore for you. =) You were forewarned!)

Here’s the question that needs to be answered: What was Gracen's husband's reply when she said, "I told you so!"?

Be sure to leave your answer to the question in the comments section of this contest blog to be entered into the drawing for the prize. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, April 29, 2008, sometime after noon C.S.T. Be sure to check back and see if you have won. If your name is drawn as the winner, you will need to email us at to claim your prize. Include your email address within the email when you claim the prize to ensure delivery. New winners will be chosen from the remaining entries if prize is not claimed within one week of drawing.

Best of luck!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sarah Mäkelä on Haunted Houses

Would I stay in a haunted house? You bet! I agree with Sierra about not wanting to be near a maleviolent ghost though. I wouldn't want it to start trying to hurt me.

I watched Supernatural last night and they were dealing with the haunted house topic. (I love Supernatural, and if Sam and Dean were there in the haunted house with me, I would certainly go stay wherever they were. LOL) The ghost they dealt with was freaky, and I would not stay in that house by myself! I have been on ghost tours, and I've heard from others who have seen ghosts, but I'm not really afraid of them though I haven't been able to see anything firsthand.

Earlier this week in some of the comments, some of us were talking how much fun it would be to stay in a haunted house together, but then again, we'd probably end up having so much fun that we would miss the ghost altogether! I think I'd end up going just to see if there was a ghost in the haunted house, and to see if I could see it.

Well, make sure to leave me a comment! I hope y'all have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Teresa D'Amario: Things that make you wonder

The Deadly Vixens wants to welcome our guest blogger, Teresa D'Amario. Thank you Teresa for joining us this week to discuss our paranormal world.

Things that make you wonder.

First, I'd like to thank the ladies of Deadly Vixens for inviting me to visit their exciting new blog. I've been learning from them as they made this a paranormal romance blog to watch! I'm very happy to be here.

Authors create new and exciting worlds with the freedom only paranormal or fantasy can provide. We gather on websites and talk about our new worlds, the kinds of things that bring shivers to those who don't understand.

But the Vixens aren't the only ones creating new and wonderful worlds for you to visit! There's a new blog in town, and we are having a blast over there. It's the ShapeShifter Romance blog. A blog for those who love the animalistic pleasures brought by those who aren't quite human. Make sure you drop by this week, because we're having a prize question every day - one responder will be chosen to receive the prize of the day. You have one week from the original posting so if you guys wanna win my book, SheWolf, you better get there fast! It will be given away on Monday to someone who's answered the Monday's question.

Ok, so let's talk paranormal. As a child, ghosts and goblins were the paranormal of the day. They were dark and evil creatures that gave us chills and haunted our nightmares. We read books by Stephen King, or watched the bad horror movies with popcorn that usually ended up more on us than in us, as we screamed when the monster attacked. We craved the fear, watching the vampires and other creatures of the night as they ran rampant on the big screen, or through the pages of the most terrifying of novels. We cringed at the werewolves as they created more and more of their furry kind, luxuriating in the sensual natures of their forefathers, while feeding on the innocent.

Somehow romance twisted those fears into something more exciting. More romantic. The vampires of the past became the dark and tortured soul of today. The werewolves were no longer victims of a disease, but became the misunderstood hero who had to hide his entire life. Even demons now walk among the world of the paranormal, such misunderstood creatures with a sensual nature. What happened to that evil we all so feared?

What once terrified us, haunting our nightmares, is now our fantasy. We've changed them from dark and evil to dark and sexy. The danger hasn't gone away, but has instead changed it's course. I find this to be one of the most fascinating parts of paranormal romance. The demons of our nightmares become the fantasy of our days. What does that say about us as paranormal romance readers?

Makes you wanna go Hmmmm.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gracen Miller's ramblings on Haunted Houses

We’ve all grown up with stories of haunted houses or haunted dormitories or haunted areas—something haunted anyway. The city I grew up in had a local legend about a bridge. If one went to it at night, the ghosts of those that had driven off the bridge would haunt the place. Personally, I went necking down there with my boyfriend and I didn’t see anything. Nope, nothing! So much for a legend, huh? Or maybe I was too consumed with kissing the boyfriend to notice any ghosts had they been haunting the place. =)

The term “haunted houses” brings to mind my personal experiences though. I’ve mentioned before that I grew up in a house that, while not necessarily haunted, it had a spirit of some sort living with us in perfect harmony. A lot of times I often felt protected and loved by that spirit. I mentioned my father’s house where the spirit of what I believe to be my great-grandfather haunts the place. I really believe that was a haunting. The feeling was so intense, so vile and aggressive, whatever was there wanted us gone. Or that was the way I interpreted it.

I have a girlfriend (I’ll call her Nicole) who bought a home with her husband. It was a beautiful piece of property, twenty-five acres, with an older fixer-up home. The home was so old it had a well built on the corner of the front porch. It was cool, a neat little piece of history with the way things once were done. I can’t even imagine having to draw my water out of it just to meet the basic necessary needs. But after having kids I see the danger in it too. The place had oodles of potential and best of all it was away from the big city. It was so quiet and peaceful.

My first visit there, I came home telling my husband the place had a ghost. Everywhere I went, I felt like I was being watched. I never felt any hostility, but more curiosity. Daytime or nighttime, it didn’t matter, some unseen presence was watching. From inside the home to the shed in the backyard, something was always watching. The only time I could truly get away from the presence was when we would ride the four-wheelers across the back part of the property and woods.

I didn’t realize until we visited for a Halloween party a couple of months later that Nicole had purchased the home from an estate after the previous owner, an elderly woman, had passed away in it. It was like the light-bulb went off in my head—a V8 moment—where I thought ‘that is why I’m feeling those hidden eyes’. Another weekend I was there goofing off with Nicole and her mother, Jill, when Jill started talking about her conversations with the spirit of the woman who once owned the house! I got chills!! My eyes even watered! To have my feelings and thoughts confirmed was exciting. I went home that night and told my husband, “I told you so!” His reply was that I wasn’t the only crazy person in the world. ;-)

I’d love to hear your comments. And we’d love for you to come by the The Deadly Vixens Yahoo Group and tell us about your own "haunted house" experiences and stories! =)

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for special guest author, Teresa D’Amario!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! And wish my boys good luck this weekend; they are competing at a karate tournament! – Gracen Miller

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Making of a Ghost- Sierra's Story for the Week

Alexa stared at the dark man wielding the knife. She knew her life was over before he raised it to her neck. She knew it by the way he smiled at her. His eyes held a far off look, like he wasn’t seeing her. He was seeing someone else entirely. She held her breath as the sharp instrument sliced through her skin. The blood trickled from her neck.

His hot breath bared down on her, suffocating. She hoped it would end quickly, praying for quick release from this monster’s grip. He pressed the knife into her throat, but not hard enough to end her short life. Please, let him finish it. Why was he torturing her like this? She didn’t understand. If he wanted her dead, why didn’t he just do it?

She closed her eyes so she didn’t have to look into his smiling face, his yellowed teeth bared to disgust her. His palm crashed against her cheek and she whimpered. “Look at me when I kill you. Do you hear me?” His voice was loud and gruff. She tried to protest, to keep from looking at him, but he wouldn’t allow it. His fist made contact with her jaw. Her eye throbbed from the pressure building underneath.

“Please! Please stop!” She begged him for mercy and he was happy to oblige. The knife slit through her throat. The last sound she heard was his chuckle.

All went silent around Alexa and darkness engulfed her. Where was she? Was it over? She felt her legs moving, walking forward in the darkness. Finally, a light appeared before her. She stumbled toward it, her knees trying to buckle. She fell forward with a thud, her knees scraping the unknown substance of the ground. She saw the light flicker and tried to move towards it, but her strength was gone. Her eyes fluttered closed and she succumbed to the darkness.

Alexa woke with a start. Where was she? The ground was cold and wet, the sun barely shining through a mass of heavy gray clouds. She could hear singing in the background and turned to see where it came from. Her family stood dressed in black, in a half circle around a coffin. Her mother brought a tissue to her eyes while her father pulled her closer into his arms.

Alexa was intrigued and crept closer to watch her funeral. It was larger than she’d expected. The preacher talked of green pastures and still waters. Alexa wished it were true. She wasn’t standing in green pastures right now. She stood, actually hovered, in the middle of a cemetery while her family grieved. She couldn’t even comfort them.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Would you stay in a haunted house?

This week we’ve been discussing on the yahoo group whether or not we’d be willing to stay in a haunted house. I think I’d have to say, it depends. I think if the house wasn’t haunted by a mean ghost and I had someone to stay with me, then yes, I would spend the night. But… if it was a mean ghost, then I’d definitely not stay.

Some people wouldn’t be willing to stay at all, but I think it would be fun. My nephew and I were just talking about this a few weeks ago. He watched a show on television that told about a haunted hospital or something that you can pay to spend the night and he said he would like to go do that. I told him I’d go stay with him sometime.

My niece, on the other hand, said no way would she go stay there. So she and my daughter decided they would stay in the hotel while my nephew and I stayed at the haunted hospital. Hopefully, some day we’ll get to do that.

I think that it would be fun to see a ghost, as long as it’s a friendly one. So what do you think? Would you stay in a haunted house? Come join us at The Deadly Vixens Yahoo Group and let us know what your opinion is. We’d love to hear it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Contest Winner Announced!

Congratulations to ACDAISY95 for winning MERLION'S PLEASURE by Diane Taylor. We hope you enjoy reading it. Please claim your prize by emailing us at

Everyone provided the correct answer to the question posted. Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest. We hope you will join us next week for our third contest.

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Our Weekly Contest

Welcome to this week's weekly contest on The Deadly Vixens blog. Since we had two books last week and one winner, we will be giving away the other book this week to one lucky winner. All you have to do is answer a question from Sarah Mäkelä's blog of the week. The winner will receive MERLION'S PLEASURE by Diane Taylor. Thanks again to Diane, our guest blogger last week, for providing us with them.

Here’s the question that needs to be answered:

What was Sarah armed with when pitted against the zombies in the cemetery in one of her dreams?

Be sure to leave your answer to the question in the comments section of today's blog to be entered into the drawing for the prize. Winners will be announced on Sunday. Be sure to check back and see if you have won. If your name is drawn as the winner, you will need to email us at to claim your prize. Include your email address within the email when you claim the prize to ensure delivery. New winners will be chosen from the remaining entries if prizes are not claimed within one week of drawing.

Best of luck!

The Deadly Vixens

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gracen's Nightmares and Dreams

Now it’s time for the Nightmares and Dreams segment…Gracen style. =) My husband says I have nightmares, not dreams. This is coming from a man that claims he doesn’t dream. When he does dream, they are very vague and nondescript. Not worth effort if you ask me. (Shhh…don’t tell him, but it’s because he has no imagination. ;-)) When I dream, I know all the intricate details and while it may not make perfect sense while I’m awake, it makes 150% sense in the dream. I mentioned last week that dead people come to me in my dreams. Demons come too. I’ve even had dead family members come chitchat in my dreams, some of those family members are people I have never met because they either died before I was born or while I was too young to remember. I described my grandmother to my mother and I thought she was going to stroke on me. Mind you, I’ve never seen a picture of her either because my mother didn’t have one until she snagged it from my Aunt this past summer. I didn't tell my mother that I've been dreaming about my grandmother since I was a child. While sleeping, I guess I’m an open portal, sending out a welcoming beacon. That said, I guess I’ll tell you about my more memorable dreams or nightmares…you decide which they are. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

First off, I guess I should mention that my current book, The Devil’s Den, started out as a dream. There is one major difference between story and dream though. In my dream, the hero, Six, was none other than the evil of all evil, Satan, Beelzebub, the Devil, the instigator of Armageddon and the war in heaven. In my book, Six is a vampire instead. I made this change because I honestly felt people might have a hard time sympathizing with Six if he were Satan. There’s a scene in my book where Six and Serena (the heroine) meet and they are dancing, or rather she is dancing against her will. That is the scene in my book, with all the elements from my dream written into the book from the lighting to the rankness of the bar. While in my dream Six was frightening, he also had a seductive lure to him. He was dark and scary, but he lured me in just the same. The moment I awoke to a darkened bedroom at 3:23 a.m. and realized it had only been a dream, I knew Six deserved a book, that he wanted a book, but even given the mixture of emotions rotating through me at that time, I have never once considered this a nightmare.

Another dream I have regularly is about tornados. And growing up in my neck of the woods, tornado sirens going off is a regular occurrence during the spring and summer. I’ve come to believe that the word “thunderstorms” is code for “tornados”. The weatherman just hasn’t let the general population in on that secret yet. Let me start by saying I have NEVER been in a tornado. I’ve had a few close calls where the tornado thankfully fizzled out before it got to us or it missed us all together when it should have been a direct hit. My oldest son (he was 8 months old at the time) and I spent the better part of four hours in a closet with my great-grandparents from Las Vegas and my parents. The entire time my great-grandmother kept saying either “This is not good, is it?” or “I’m not coming back out here every again”. This dream has plagued me my entire life. Each time I have the dream, it is as if it is actually happening. I can hear the tornado, that loud train noise (not the blowing of the whistle), and I can feel the atmosphere pressure changing around me as the tornado approaches. Many times I have awoke from this dream in a sweat barely able to breathe I am so terrified. I have had this dream so many times that I have learned to wake myself up at the beginning of the dream, before the tornado hits, because the tornado always hits in my dream…er…nightmare! This is one dream that freaks me out each and every time. Laughable maybe since I did not consider Six a nightmare, but rather a good story line.

I’ve had prophetic dreams. When I was trying to get pregnant with my second child, I was having a difficult time and was starting to believe that I would not have another child. But then I dreamed I had two sons and when I awoke, I knew that meant I’d have another child. Within two months, I was pregnant with my son. Since I was a teenager, I have never dreamed I would have a daughter. I have always dreamed I had two sons, even to the point that I’ve had dreams where I would comment to someone that my boys were four years apart. Well, guess what…my boys are four years apart.

I’ve had a dream before I was married to my husband where I am kidnapped when my boys are older, early teen timeframe, and my kidnapper shoots me in the back. The strange thing about this dream…I can still tell you exactly what that man looks like. I can tell you he did not want to shoot me, but his leader made him do it as proof they were in control to the police. He took about five women into a room, looked more like a cleaning closet actually. He shot the first four women in the head and I remember telling him he was going to have to shoot me in the back if he was going to do it and then I turned my back on him. He was crying, I was crying, as if we knew each other and had feelings for one another. He shot me and I remember the pain of betrayal was worse than the pain of the gunshot wound. Is it prophetic? I hope the hell not. I did survive the shooting in the dream and went home to my husband and sons. To this day, even while writing this blog, this story makes me jittery and deeply sad. I swear if I run into this man, I’ll know him the instant I see him.

Well, I hope you haven’t been bored too much. Like everyone, my dreams run the gamut, they make perfect sense in the dream and sometimes absolutely no sense out of it, but even in the hellish dreams, I embrace them. I love to dream and I love to ponder them the next day. What did they mean? To me anyway? Were they messages I should be listening too? Were they a figment of my imagination? Were they simply designed to give my creativity an outlet?

I’d love to hear your comments. And we’d love for you to come by the The Deadly Vixens Yahoo Group and tell us about your own dreams and nightmares! =)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Bye! == Gracen Miller

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Please Welcome Cozy Griffith

Hello, I'm Cozy Griffith and this is my first blog although I am already a member of this wicked bunch. I have responded to several of the posted questions, so you guys know a little about me. First I'll tell you some things that you don't know about me and then I'll try my best to thrill you and chill you with a ghost story. I am an aspiring writer and mother of three children. I am fortunate to have a very flexible work schedule, but nonetheless, I usually stay extremely busy. I am a long time friend of Gracen's (since we were 11) and have spent many years writing both my own stories and shared stories with her. I think I was about 6 when I wrote my first book, which was mostly illustrations with crayons and very simple words. I still have it and believe it or not my 6-year-old daughter just started writing her own books. All through junior high and high school, Gracen and I used to write stories back and forth to each other first in letterform and then in story form. Our stories eventually turned into sagas that spanned several generations of our characters. I think it was good practice and helped us both develop our skills as writers. I am currently working on a novel that I have been trying to bring to life for so many years. It started out with a simple idea and for so many years it wouldn't go anywhere. I had a beginning and an ending and that was it. No matter how hard I tried to force the words to come, they wouldn't. I finally set it aside and didn't think about it again for several years. During those years my life was quite chaotic and I didn't have time to even think about my novel. There was no reason to anyway; it had no substance. I just picked it back up this February and have been blazing through it. You see, I met inspiration in human form and finally found a purpose for the novel I had begun. I can't give too many details about my novel, but I will tell you it is a vampire love story that is full of intrigue, deception, awareness and of course, sex. It will be a few more months before its completed, but hopefully soon.

Now that you know a little about me, let me tell you about the picture that I am sending in with this blog. My friend and I spent a wonderful weekend in New Orleans this February. Walking around the French Quarter this time was like seeing it with new eyes. I heard things and felt things that I had never experienced before. I have already alluded to the incident in the bar where a stranger who apparently knew my friend from a former life approached us. Creepy... We visited a tarot reader on Jackson Square who knew things about us that there is no way she could have known. The door of the restaurant in the lobby of our hotel opened and closed on its own. Freaky... On our last morning there we were walking around the Quarter, finishing up last minute shopping and taking pictures. As we walked down Ursilines, we passed a building with a sign that said 'Haunted Hotel on Ursilines'. Just for fun we took 2 pictures. That evening when we got home I uploaded the pictures to my computer so we could all look at them. When we got to those pictures, I zoomed in on the window and behold we could all see a ghost! Thought that was pretty cool. Take a look at the picture and see if you see what we did.

I also took a picture of Marie Leveau's Voodoo Shop and it turned out blurry except for the Bourbon Street sign in the middle of it. I thought this was strange, too.

I’d love for you to come friend me at my myspace page here.

Well, that's about all the time I have right now. Hope I did all right, G.
* * * * *
Disclaimer (because we don't have a choice): The views expressed by the guest blogger do not necessarily reflect those of The Deadly Vixens.
Also, don't forget to join Sarah and I at The Literary Nymphs TODAY for a chat from 12pm-6pm EST.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dreams and Nightmares

Hi everyone! Just as a reminder, I'll be at The Literary Nymphs TOMORROW for a chat from 12pm-6pm EST. And now on to the fun stuff!

Dreams... I'm pretty much known in my household for my wacky dreams. My husband and mother raise their eyebrows at me when I tell them, but I am so serious about what happened because it's beyond belief, but I really do dream crazy things. I guess I'll give you guys a couple of dreams I've had and then y'all can be the judge of what you think.

This first one is one I'd had the night before Sierra and I had our discussion on dreams, which is what brought up the topic in the first place. *grins* Before I had gone to bed I'd played peek-a-boo with one of my cats. He was sitting in the tub, and I was outside of the tub with the shower curtain partially closed. I would open the shower curtain and say "peek-a-boo!" and he would sit there and stare at me. Then I'd close the curtain, wait a few moments, and do it again with the same result. In my dream, I was in my bathroom outside of the tub, and I opened the shower curtain and there was a strange monster in the tub that would leer at me and make hissing noises. I opened and closed the shower curtain a few times and it was still there. I attacked it and then I don't really remember much after that. Weird, huh?

My other dream is one I had a few years ago, but I still remember it. I was running through a graveyard and trying to fight these obese zombies, but I didn't have anymore bullets in my gun in the dream or whatnot. I had a spoon though, which I had to use to behead them. I didn't do too bad at it, but it was odd! I was getting overwhelmed with the task and climbed onto a mausoleum, but they could get to me. I have no idea what had brought that dream on.

I don't consider those dreams nightmares. I try to think of them as inspiration and fodder for my novels. For me, a nightmare is something that invokes sadness or pain that stays with me a little when I wake up. I've had a few of those recently, too, but they weren't noteworthy or paranormal in nature.

So! Leave me a comment about what you think of my strange dreams. I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Through your mortality I live
Stealing carnal nourishment
Feasting upon the soul you give
Alive! Beyond earthly bounds

With life, you pulse
You tease with warm, soft skin
My need results
You are forever mine

I swell with your alluring scent
Mind exploding, chest heaving
Your offering is my intent
Senses reeling, I take you

With love, I give my immortal kiss
My bloody embrace
Transcends you with waves of tainted bliss
My arms caress death

Your life explodes around me
On memories and emotions I feast
Revealed for my eyes to see
To know you and love you intimately

His blood mixed with mine
In death, I awoke
Trapped for all of time
In immortality

Copyright © 2007 Gracen Miller
Legal Notice: This poem is copyrighted. None of it may be reproduced or used in anyway whatsoever (including, but not limited to, copying and printing) without the express written consent of the author, Gracen Miller.

I’d love to hear your comments on this poem. Tell me what you think this poem is about? I thought it was pretty simple, but obviously not because I’ve had differing opinions, so I’m interested in what you think.

As always, we’d love for you to join us at The Deadly Vixens Yahoo Group and tell us about your own supernatural experiences! =)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Nightmares or Inspiration?

Sarah and I got talking the other day about our dreams and I was telling her about my nightmares. I rarely dream, but when I do it’s always a nightmare. There have been very few exceptions to this rule. I’ve had a few premonition type dreams as I mentioned in my earlier blog about paranormal experiences.

One dream I had was about the old house I mentioned in that earlier blog, the house that belonged to my great grandparents that we tried to stay in on Halloween night. Anyway, I had a dream one time that I went in the house to explore (which I frequently did, alone no less) and I walked up to an old dresser. The bottom drawer of the dresser was pulled out and when I looked inside, there was a dead body with maggots all over it. I screamed and the dead body got up and started chasing me. I ran out of the house and for some reason, my dad’s truck was waiting outside for me (odd because I’d walked there). So I jump in the truck and try to drive away. All of a sudden a fence is there and I drive around and around in circles trying to find a way out, the dead body is chasing me the whole time.

Another time I was dreaming that I was in a cemetery and zombies were chasing me around the graveyard, through a crypt, and around again. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t make a sound. I woke up in a panic and when I went back to sleep, I resumed my dream. This happened several times that night. And for the next few.

I was talking about my nightmares to my mom one day and she reminded me that even as a kid I had those kind of dreams and it’s true, I did. I wouldn’t sleep when I was little because I always dreamed about the one-eyed, white haired monster. I had that dream frequently as a child. I can remember his face to this day.

So the more I think about it, there are several reasons behind my obsession with the paranormal. Do I use my dreams as inspiration for my writing? No, I don’t think I do. At least, so far I haven’t. I’m not into zombies, but some day I may use them in a story, you never know.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Events this Week

Hello everyone! Here are The Deadly Vixens' Events for this week.

Outside events:
4/13/08 -- Sarah will be having a Launch Party today (4/13/08) at Coffee Time Romance at 9 pm EST.
description: Come join me for my Launch Party. All who attend will be given a small thank you gift, and three people will win prizes in the giveaway! =)

4/17/08 -- Join Sarah Mäkelä and Gracen Miller at the Literary Nymphs yahoo group at 12pm-6pm EST. They'll be sharing excerpts of their books and more!

TDV Blog events:

4/14 -- Sierra will be blogging.
4/15 -- We will be having another story/poem.
4/16 -- Sarah will be blogging.
4/17 -- We will be having a guest blogger today.
4/18 -- Gracen will be blogging.
4/19 -- We will be having our second contest. The answer will be found in Sarah's blog from the 16th.
4/20 -- The winner will be announced from the contest, and the current events will be posted.

Our First Winner Announced!

Congratulations to the first winner of the Deadly Vixens blog contest. Caitlin provided the correct answer to the question posed. Thank you Caitlin for joining in our contest. Congratulations again on winning a free ebook. We hope you enjoy reading it. Please email us at and let us know which ebook you’d like to receive and the email address where you would like to receive it. We hope you will join us next week for our second contest.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our First Contest!

Welcome to the first of our weekly contests on The Deadly Vixens blog. As a special treat because it’s our first contest we will have two lucky winners this week. All you have to do is answer a question. The answer can be found in my blog post for this week. The winners will receive one of the following ebooks free.

Diane Taylor's Wassail Woes or Diane Taylor's MerLion's Pleasure
Thanks to Diane, our guest blogger this week, for giving us copies of her ebooks to give away.

All right, are you ready? Here’s the question we want an answer to….

What did Sierra hear at midnight on the farm where she grew up?

Be sure to comment on today's blog with your answers so that you can be entered in a drawing to win one of the prizes. If you have a preference of which book you’d rather receive, please list it also. However, we cannot guarantee that will be the book you win. In the case that both winners choose the same book, we will randomly select the book to send.

Winners will be announced on Sunday. Be sure to check back and see who the lucky winners are.
If your name is drawn as the winner, you will need to email us at to claim your prize. Include your email address when you claim your prize to ensure delivery. If prizes are not claimed within one week of drawing, new winners will be chosen from remaining entries.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Things that go bump ALL DAY LONG!!

Ghosts! That seems to be the topic for the week, so I’ll stick with it. But they don't go bump only at night in my house.

Unlike my counterparts, I have had supernatural experiences. Many of them, none of which are ever centered around one place or one event. Paranormal central – that’s my life. I mentioned on The Deadly Vixens forum that I had seen my great-grandfather at my dad’s house with my stepmother in the form of a white t-shirt. The only visible part of this apparition was the white t-shirt. There was no arms, no legs, no head, absolutely nothing. That has been the only real apparition I’ve seen.

Mostly I simply sense that there is another unseen presence about. I’ve watched doors open, balls of white light appear and disappear, I’ve felt the cold chill of prickles skimming my skin and knowing without a doubt that someone was watching me when I was completely alone. I have never felt the so-called “cold spots” off the ghost hunting shows. I have ghosts come to me in my dreams...a lot, way more than I would like. The last girl that came was beautiful and young, but I sent her away, refusing to listen to anything she had. I felt terribly guilty the next morning and I still wonder what she had to say. But if I don’t send them away, they interrupt my sleep and I do not get any rest.

I think this ability has been passed to my oldest son. As a small child he would see people that were not there all the time. One night, he was standing at our bay window overlooking our driveway and asked if “they” could come in and play. I was thinking maybe someone was outside, so I went to the window and peered out. No one. When I told him no one was there, he proceeded to point and tell me that they were right there, “a black man and a white mine.” They wanted to come in and play with him. I wanted to say “hell, no!”. Instead, I calmly told him that they were not allowed to come in and play. My logical thinking was that maybe they were similar to vampires and couldn’t come into my home without an express invitation. No way was I expressly inviting them into the home.

That was only one of several incidents with my son. He saw people all the time. He told an invisible man to get out of our apartment repeatedly; I believe that same invisible man pushed him out of bed once. That apartment had the creepiest feel to it, with a distinct hostile undertone.

He had imaginary friends and dogs that he named. The imaginary friends were with him all the time. He talked to them as if they were real people right there with him. They would ride in the car with us, eat at the table with us, sit on the couch and sleep in our beds. Sometimes I thought enough was enough. One time I was scolding my son and he told me that his imaginary friend, who was named Jacob Trent, said he didn’t like me very much some days. I told him that his friend Jacob Trent was welcome to go home if he didn’t approve of me. I laughed about it later, of course, because my son was dead serious. Now, if you haven’t figured it out already, I am one of those people that strongly believes “imaginary friends” are none other than ghosts. Believe me when I say the things my son and his imaginary friends came up with required an imagination. My son has never had much of an imagination.

Scariest of all, there was a week out of the blue that my son would cry about going up to his bedroom because he was scared of the man in his room. He had never given us trouble before about sleeping in his room, so the suddenness of it was strange. When we tried to explain that no one was in his bedroom, he insisted that there was and that the man had green hair and red eyes and he would stare at him from over his bed. I took that child to church the following Sunday! I don’t know what the man was, but he never messed with my son again.

This is the tip of the iceberg for me. I could write another ten pages, but I’ll end my blog here. Leave me some comments! Even if you think I’m one crazy gal, tell me; my husband does often and I won’t be offended.

And don’t forget, we’d love for you to come by the The Deadly Vixens Yahoo Group and tell us about your own supernatural experiences! =)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Please welcome Firedrakes Weyr Author, Diane Taylor!

Diane Taylor

Hi All!

Forgive me if I actually sound like I’m babbling. This is my first Guest Blog and I’m here to talk about my writing and the genre I write in.

What is an E-Book?
I get this every time I tell them about what I write. The answer is, an E-Book is simply a paperback that is in electronic form. It has everything a paperback has, including cover art, author bio and actual pages. It just hasn’t been printed.

For me, it’s the ultimate job. I get to work at home, or wherever I feel like it because I have a laptop. I can set my own hours, go online and chat, take the coffee breaks I want, and I don’t have to worry about a boss looking over my shoulder every half hour to see if I’m doing work or just goofing off. Heh, to me, this is FUN and it allows me to dive into the most remote areas of the internet to find that one little tidbit of info that will actually tie a storyline together.

As to what I write? Well, it’s called Paranormal Romance. Basically, I write about things that go bump in the night… and the women who love them. Think Vampires, Werewolves, time travel, ghosts, Gods and Goddesses, ect. Add a touch of adventure and romance into the mix and you’ll be on the right track. It’s the one genre that the only limitations are the ones you put on your own imagination.

For instance, a single grain of rice can, with a little imagination, become the one trigger that will cause the total destruction of the Earth and open the gates to the Nightmare of Hell, destroying everything mankind ever thought was… well, you get the idea. That grain of rice is tucked into a locket and is hanging around the neck of a woman who has no idea what she truly has. And the only one who can keep the bad guys from taking this woman is a Guardian. Well, actually, in my story he’s a were-dragon who masquerades as a bodyguard. Unfortunately, the lady hero’s reaction to Mr. Bodyguard is a swift kick in the gonads and a fist across the jaw.

You see, I really hate the old fashioned romance novels. You know the ones, where the lady gazes blindly into the hero’s eyes and instantly becomes a brainless airhead. No, I prefer to make the guy work for it. *evil grin* It’s so much more FUN that way. That’s the beauty of writing your own stories. You can do what you want.

Now comes the fun part. Promotions. I have two out:

Wassail Woes

Jeri Butler is a Druid Pagan, making Wassail on the night before Christmas eve. She's a Solitary, who had just put the Mistletoe over the entryway of her home, and had just settled down to do some programming work on her laptop for her job, when a loud sound is heard out front. Opening the door, she comes face to face with, oh my, Kris Odinsen.

He's crashed his bike and has a twisted foot to boot. White Hair and ice blue eye, since the other is covered with an eye-patch.

Now, the sparks fly and come to find out. Odin has taken a holiday from Valhalla.

The next morning, her strict Catholic parents show up uninvited and unannounced to find this sexy biker in the living room, Jeri in a Bah Humbug T-Shirt and jeans, and…a big pot of really good smelling Wassail boiling merrily away on the stove.


MerLion’s Pleasure

What happens when you mix a woman bent on Maritime History and and the ghost of an Irish Pirate in Greece?

Absolute Mayhem!

Teresa Lorence is a Thesis away from gaining her Doctorate in Maritime History. Through a friend of a friend, she gets to fly to Greece for some experience in building a Pirate Vessel. The moment she boards the plane from New Orleans, she is dropped squarely in the middle of a mystery. First is the package containing an ancient map and a note signed only with the MM, then the tales of a ship called the MerLion that sales the Mediteranean and the ghostly stud muffin that suddenly appeared in the Captain's cabin, demanding an explanation.

From there, the mystery deepens, widens, and becomes more complicated than the Seven Seas combined. Through it all, Teresa is drawn to the Handsome ghost who she now knows as the MerLion himself. Has Fate brought them together, only to be ripped apart by Death itself? Come aboard, open the book, and let your imagine sail you into the adventure of a lifetime!

The MerLion’s Pleasure was inspired by watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3 too many times. And it’s set in Greece, not the Carib.

Thanks for taking the time to blog with us today, Diane! =) On Saturday, The Deadly Vixens will be giving away a copy of Diane's book MerLion's Pleasure and possibly Wassail Woes! Stop by for your chance to win!

The Deadly Vixens

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the guest blogger do not necessarily reflect those of The Deadly Vixens.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Continuing on with the topic of Things That Go Bump In The Night topic, I'll share my experiences. I haven't really had a ghostly experience, or been visited by any sexy vampires, unfortunately. I would love to be able to experience something spooky and know it involved seeing a ghost or something along those lines.

Anyways! I had a pretty nervewracking experience when I was younger one night in an old house in a very small town called Adams, TN. It basically just had a gas station, a museum for the Bell Witch, which had a small eatery, and a post office. If you've ever heard of the Bell Witch that is where she haunted the Bell family. I'd already known about those tales when we'd gone to stay with a family friend for a visit.

The family friend happened to live across from a church with a graveyard, which added to the spookiness! I would look out the window hoping I would or wouldn't see something strolling along in the graveyard.

One night there happened to be a bad storm and there was just me and my mom at the creaky, really old house. The lights flickered a bit and there were strong winds. The house kind of freaked me regardless of it being dark and stormy that night, but put together with that. Wow! Creepy.

We closed both of the doors coming into the room, and I huddled under the blankets. Needless to say, I was happy when we left there! Okay, so I didn't see anything... just knowing that I was so close to where some stuff really had happened emphasized my fear, and well, the graveyard being right there didn't help the situation! lol

Come by the Yahoo! group and tell your own supernatural experiences! =)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Story Tuesday

Feel free to comment to let me know what you think of today's Story Tuesday! =)


The Graveyard Wedding
by Sarah Mäkelä

Walking through the graveyard one night, I came across a wedding procession. All I wanted to do was just visit my deceased mother. What was going on?

It disturbed me, but I couldn't look away. The moon shone brightly illuminating the event. Only a dozen people were in attendance. It seemed small and quaint. I ducked behind a headstone making sure to keep quiet so I would remain unnoticed.

An immaculate oak table stood behind the wedding party. No dishes or cups lined it. It looked out of place. Why have a table, but nothing to eat?

The bride lifted her veil to kiss the groom. Her smile revealed those sharp, pointed teeth that gleamed in the moonlight.

I shifted my weight and a twig snapped. One of them looked in my direction. I turned to run, but they surrounded me. The groom invited me to dinner with a wicked smile to reveal more pointed teeth. I had no choice. They insisted I join in the celebration.

Next thing I knew they had placed me on the table; my limbs chained. The bride and groom stood to each side and had their toast of me.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Things that go bump in the night!

I'm sitting in my house at 2:30 in the morning and thinking to myself how lonely it gets when everyone has to go to bed. I love my house, it's so pretty. It's an old two story with hardwood floors throughout. It has the most amazing dark wood trim, which is what made me fall in love with the place. It's so pretty, but it can be kind of creepy in the early morning hours when all is silent and no one is awake but me. For some reason it reminds me of "The Sixth Sense". I love that movie. Love it! So anyway, as I sit here alone in the quiet, except for the soulful sound of a train whistle as it passes, my mind gets to wandering. Naturally, I'm thinking of ghosts. Makes sense right? Old house to "Sixth Sense" to ghost. There's a good train of thought (no pun intended).

So I'm thinking of ghost stories, all the ones I've heard throughout my life. My aunt telling us about how she saw my grandpa sitting on the end of her bed at the exact moment that he passed away (in another town completely), all the family members who swear my mother's house is haunted (my daughter included), and the story of the old sawmill that used to run on the family farm. Supposedly, a man was killed at the sawmill and if you listen at midnight, you can hear the blades running. I swear that as a teenager, my friend and I heard it. But that's as close to the supernatural that I've come. There was an old house on the farm that belonged to my great-grandparents that has fallen into dilapidation. We used to love to explore it when we were teens. I can remember one Halloween when my friends and I decided to spend the night there. It wasn't that far from my parents house, so they agreed to let us spend the night (probably because they knew we wouldn't stay). My dad hooked up a generator so we could have lights in the main room. We had a blast, but we didn't stay all night! As the hours passed and midnight approached, too many of my friends started freaking out and refused to stay. So we ended up going back to my house. Ah, the good old days.

I've always been fascinated with the supernatural. I have done my share of chasing ghosts, but I haven't found one yet. Give me time, I'm sure one day I will. Who knows what will happen. I may pass out, but I hope not. So this is my question for the week, I want to hear about your ghostly encounters. Has anything happened to you that you'd like to share? Be sure to check out the Deadly Vixens yahoo group and post your stories. I can't wait to read them.

I've finally got my web page up and running. Please stop by to check it out. Well, it's time for me to change my thoughts from ghosts to vampires as I have a story to work on. Good night and don't let the bedbugs bite (or whatever else lurks in the dark)!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Deadly Vixens Upcoming Events

Hi everyone! Here are our upcoming events, so be sure to come visit us during them!

4/7/08 -- Sarah Mäkelä will be Guest Blogging at Michelle Pillow's blog.

4/8/08 -- Gracen Miller will be Guest Blogging at Sarah Mäkelä's blog.

4/10/08 -- Gracen Miller will be Guest Blogging at Simply Romance Reviews.

4/13/08 -- Sarah Mäkelä will be having a Launch Party chat at Coffee Time Romance.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Interested in guest blogging or being interviewed?

We want you!

We are interested in scheduling guest blogs for Thursdays on our new schedule. A few of the many topics we would be interested in hearing from you are: your favorite supernatural happenings or creatures as well as supernatural events/ghost stories that have happened to you! Also, we always enjoy hearing how you handle the craft of writing. What are your strong points? Weaknesses? How do you deal with them?

We also do interviews, if you would prefer that as opposed to a blog. We can also post the book cover of your most recent release with your guest blog/interview.

If you want to participate please email us at!

We'd love to hear from you.

Gracen, Sarah, Sierra
The Deadly Vixens

Friday, April 4, 2008

Introduction from Deadly Vixen Gracen

My turn to bite! I am Gracen Miller the last of the Vixens’ trio. Welcome, welcome, I am glad you came to read my rambling thoughts and bio.

I’ll begin by giving you a taste of my insanely neurotic life. I have three boys (the third being my husband of 16 years—truly, he’s nothing more than an adult-sized kid), all of which are involved in TaeKwonDo. For those of you unfamiliar with karate, it can consume your life. We have made some really great friends along the way, however. And honestly, I spend more time with the karate family than I do other members of my own blood relatives. Aside from karate, my boys participate throughout the year in soccer and football.

Next to my husband, writing is my passion. I have been spinning tales since I was in sixth grade, when my English teacher forced us to write a play. Yes, I said “forced” because that’s what it initially felt like when she gave us the dreaded assignment. I mean seriously what could she have been thinking to ask us to write? Write! Use our imaginations! Oh, the horror of it! I quickly discovered, however, that writing was powerfully inspiring and rather drugging in its deistic type-creation. There was no horror in writing, except for the horror elements I wove into the plot lines. For that particular project, I wrote about Atlantis rising from the sea with its evil citizens having supernatural powers. I laugh about it when I think of it now. It was horrific stuff, but that one project gave me the love of writing to last a lifetime. Now, I jokingly say the “voices in my head” won’t allow me a moments peace unless I give breath to their lives by writing about them.

I live in Alabama with my very active family. I have a cat and a dog that jointly own me and spend hours together doing nothing more energetic than lounging in my lap. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Troy University and an Associates degree in Paralegal Studies from Huntingdon College. Presently, I work from home as a full-time shuttle-bus for my two sports inclined boys.

We would love for you to come join our Deadly Vixens Yahoo! Group. Come tell us about yourself, your family, do you write (and if so, what do you write), who is your favorite author, and anything else you can think of. Start some topics and hopefully make some friends.

Firedrakes Weyr Publishing has taken a chance on me and published my first book, The Devil’s Den, on April 1, 2008. It is a paranormal romance set in the present day. The hero, Six, is a 3,000 year old vampire and one of those characters that you will love to hate.

Don’t forget to join Sarah Mäkelä and me today (Friday, April 4, 2008) for a Love Romances Cafe Yahoo! chat from 12pm - 7pm EST.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Introduction from Deadly Vixen Sarah

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Deadly Vixens authors blog! I'll start off with a little about myself.

My name is Sarah Mäkelä, and I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida with my husband and three snuggly cats. I'm a member of Romance Writers of America and its local chapter, Tampa Area Romance Authors, as well as the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal chapter. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, drawing, playing XBOX360 and computer games with my husband, and traveling the world.

I'm really excited about my debut novel, Melody of Love. It is a sweet contemporary romance, which isn't my usual genre of writing, but it was a great experience writing nonetheless. I usually write none other than Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy, which is what we Vixens are all about.

At the Deadly Vixens Yahoo! Group right now, our topic of discussion is "What is your favorite paranormal creature?" I would have to say that my favorite HAS to be werewolves. I've had a strong love of wolves for a very long time, ever since I was a child. The possibility of a person being able to change into a wolf fascinates me. I imagine werewolves not as the ugly creatures depicted in some movies, but more wolflike. They can have a half-man/half-wolf form, but I'd like to think of the wolfman or woman as still being attractive in that form as well. Large and very muscular, but not necessarily gruesome. I've had a love of them since I began reading paranormal romance and urban fantasy. One of my favorite authors who I think writes excellent werewolves is Laurell K. Hamilton. For me, she really sums up how I picture them.

What is your favorite paranormal creature? And who are some of your favorite authors that you feel sum up that creature?

Join me and Gracen Miller tomorrow for a Love Romances Cafe Yahoo! chat from 12pm - 7pm EST. I will also be guest blogging at Romance Reader at Heart. Come by each event for your chance to win prizes!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Come join Sarah Chatting NOW

Come join Sarah chatting tonight (4/2/08), right now 8:30 p.m. CST, at Romance at Heart.

Click on Romance at Heart Community Chat and login with your screen name!!!


Hello and welcome to the new blog of the Deadly Vixens! We’re so excited to have you here. We are a group of three paranormal romance writers who’ve decided to team up and share our love of the paranormal. The group consists of Sarah Makela, Gracen Miller, and Sierra Wolfe (me). We hope to share our lives and our work with all those out there who are interested in reading what we have to say, or at least the paranormal worlds we create.

I thought I’d start by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Sierra Wolfe and I’m an aspiring author. Unfortunately, I haven’t been published yet, but that will be changing soon. Not because I’ve got anything ready to be published, but because that is my goal and I’ve decided that it is going to be a reality. I live in the lovely state of Missouri, or Misery as we sometimes call it. Just kidding. Old Missouri joke. I have one beautiful daughter whom I love dearly and spoil rotten. She’s 16 now and just recently gotten her license, my own personal horror. I also have two rotten dogs, a 12 year old Cocker Spaniel and a 1 year old Shih Tzu. You can imagine the mess in my poor house, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. They definitely keep up the excitement.

As I stated before, I’ve never published anything, but that’s ok because I’ve never submitted anything either. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and I’m ready to get on with it and get my stories out there. I love the darkness and I’m a creature of the night. I’m sure there are many of you out there who will understand. I suffer from terrible migraines and the sun is murder on me. Anyone who suffers from them can certainly relate. Bright lights are one of the worst things out there for migraine sufferers. At any rate, I’ve become accustomed to avoiding the daylight. My daughter teases me that I’m a real life vampire. Anyway, perhaps this is why I’ve come to love vampires. I love to read about them and write about them. They are my favorite. No offense to the werewolves, witches, and shape-shifters, I love you too. But I’m afraid, I’m a vampire at heart. Always will be.

We Deadly Vixens have created a yahoo group that we’d love to have you join. It’s for everyone who loves the paranormal as much as we do. If you’re a reader or writer of paranormal, or if you just want to visit, be sure to pop in and join us. Hope to see you there.

You can also visit me on myspace at or befriend me on facebook.